Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Like New.

Happy Monday! We got home from the cabin pretty early yesterday and got to work taking all of our furniture apart and taking our doors off in prep for our NEW carpet that got installed today!

Our carpet in our house was 12 years old.. it was tan and had stains from 3 different families.. I have been wanting to give it a make over since we moved in almost 4 years ago!

This morning I was up early and off to my home away from home.

This GPP workout was exactly what I needed after a vacation. I do love vacations but I do miss my day to day routine.

This workout was ROUGH today.. We could say that this workout made me feel super pregnant today.

Source—> All movement demos can be found here.

I love Single arm snatches but today these were SO hard for me. I only did 4 rounds and modified the weights by using a #18 pd kb for snatches and 12.5 db for the press jacks.

I collapsed on the couch with a quick post workout shake.


It wasn’t long before I was back at the gym teaching boot camp. I will have that workout up for you tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was meeting some friends for lunch. We usually go out for birthdays and the week of my birthday was a little busy so we made it up today!

Shrimp and spinach + chicken for the win! I love hanging out with my girl friends. Its good for a mothers soul.

I made a quick trip to target and was fascinated to find so many different variety of Chips Ahoy! Cookies..

Seriously… who knew? I ran into a friend and she convinced me to snag the salted carmel ones. She just did a fitness competition  (figure) and looks amazing. So apparently Chips Ahoy is the secret to a bangin bod, just in case you were wondering.I haven’t tried them yet.. so I’ll let you know!

I had kept the kids out and away from home long enough and it was nice to come home to this!

We are still working on moving back in and putting all our furniture back together.. I feel like we moved 3 times. Well, I can’t take any credit.. Brent stayed home and did most of the heavy moving.

I taught maybe my last attack class for awhile.. I love teaching body attack.. just not pregnant.. Yes, it is possible to do when pregnant, but when I teach I like to teach ALL options. Not just the low, and lets face it. Attack is a fun but rough workout for anyone.

After attack brent and the kids met me at Pizza Pie Café. It is a popular buffet pizza place in town and have heard it was a great place!

I loaded up at the salad bar and had a few bites of pizza but wasn’t’ too impressed with it…

We came home and did some yard work. I got bit by 17 mosquitos.. did you know they can bite through lulu.. True story.

We are wanting to start fresh with our garden. It kind of got taken over by flowers..that kind of remind me of weeds but supposedly not. I’m also sure flowers come to my house to die.. ha!

What are your favorite kind of cookie?

Do you like to garden?What is your favorite kind of flower?

I love tulips but wish they lasted longer.