Thursday, June 12, 2014

Favorite Way to Workout and I’m Totally OCD.

Today, started off nice and easy at home. The twins slept till 9 am, which is a miracle within itself.. so I took the opportunity to make and eat my own breakfast uninterrupted.


It is a rare occurrence.

Yes, I do eat off my kids plates.

By the time I got the kids up and out the door, I was a tad late for the gym.. oops.


Today was ab day! I usually have to modify the crap out of Thursdays at GPP because they fall as core day weekly and my abs these days are pretty non-existent. Today’s workout actually was perfect for me! I did switch out the jump ropes for a 400 m row after round 1 because I’m positive this baby is right on my bladder..

I ended up finishing just under 30 minutes and tried to get a little time on the bike.. It didn’t last too long though. My tailbone was really bugging so I called it day.


I taught my kids class, which was awesome!

I love teaching these kids. It is fun to have them workout and it seems more like play then work.

One kid left a sweet note on the board, and I honestly could not agree more.


Afterwards, I had promised Baylee we can play play-doh because she wore the clothes I picked out for her.

Bribery at its finest!


I had just bought her brand new play doh and she ALWAYS will mix the colors together! This actually drives me crazy! I used to be crazy OCD, and since having these two, I let a LOT slide. But this, still messes with me. I don’t say anything to her and let her continue to mix and mix, but I do die a little inside.

Luckily Tanner shares my OCD. I’m actually not sure yet if I am proud of that or actually afraid at times…


However, Baylee did get her little hands on his playdoh…. I’ll give you one guess what happened next…..

Brent was doing respite (Which is similar to being a “big brother” that he does on the side of his main job.) and he offered to take the kids for an hour so I could get a break. Which is heaven sent to any mother at times.

I could of napped but chose to go for a quick SWIM!!! I haven’t swam so far in this pregnancy and I must say it is MY FAVORITE exercise to to do while pregnant. I haven’t even been in the pool for a year or so, since my last triathlon. I was a little rusty, and didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I am so happy I got there and made it happen!


Swimming is a great way for anyone who is pregnant to keep up on their cardio without feeling heavy and completely wrecked after. I only swam about 600 yards in 30 ish minutes but it was perfect. If you happen to be pregnant right now, do yourself a favor and go SWIM. It is the best.

Afterwards I drank some chocolate milk, from Fairlife, that I received from BLEND.


This is HANDS DOWN the best protein chocolate milk I have ever had. It really is SO good! I have never heard of or tried it before and I think this may be my go to chocolate milk now! That is, if I can find it.. Anyone know where I can buy this by the case load?

One of my little brothers had his final baseball game tonight! He even hit TWO home runs, which was awesome to be there! It was a championship game and unfortunately his team lost by just a couple runs, but hey, who gets TWO home runs in one game?


Bee was so proud.


She was a little exhausted.

She was out before we left the parking lot.

I wrapped up the night with a quick salad with spinach, chicken, cucumbers and sweet potato. Topped with my favorite dressing as of late.. all mixed into the tupperware that had my chicken in it.. can you tell I hate doing dishes?

What are you OCD about?

I also hate wire hangers, open cupboards/drawers, crayons when they are in the box upside down, the bathroom fan, bad and ugly handwriting and chipped toe nail polish. (I am a peach to live with.)

What is your favorite way to exercise?

Pregnant=Swimming & GPP, Non-pregnant= Everything. Mostly GPP and running.