Friday, June 20, 2014

Life. Is. Crazy.

Wow! About time I drop in and say hi! The last two days have been a little wild and crazy. Nothing to exciting just go go go!!

Yesterday was one of those no good mom days, You know those days when you wake up earlier than normal and your kids just never stop whining, crying, and fighting and one may of pooped in his pants 3 times….  just me? Needless to say, by the end of the day I was so emotionally, and mentally exhausted that I ended up taking a little time to myself instead of blogging.

Life here is real folks.


After a GOOD but long morning at work, I picked up the kids and ran a bunch of errands, I picked up my grandma to take her to lunch. I took her to a newish place in bountiful


I ordered their summer salad and turkey pesto sandwich. It was good but nothing to write home about

This is probably where it got a little crazy. I will spare you the details but it just wasn’t fun with two three year olds.


Beehive bakery does have amazing sugar cookies though!

It was fun spending time with my grandma for a little bit. Bee was fascinated by her and all the trinkets and very fragile things at her house..

We left to meet the guy at our house who is putting in new countertops, followed quickly by packing up again and teaching a bootcamp class at the gym. Afterward, my sister came and took Baylee to spend a little time with her while I took Tanner to Target to pick out some presents for his cousins.

I pretty much ended the day at that.

Today I made it to GPP early to coach a few classes before heading to the Doctor for my monthly check up!

Baby B is doing great so far and everything is looking right on track! Dr. did comment that I shouldn’t be surprised if this baby is 9 or 10 lbs at birth!

I headed back to GPP to get my workout done for the day.



It felt good to sweat! I got about 7 rounds in!

I had lunch planned with my mom’s side of the family who I don’t really see as often as I like. It was my Aunts birthday today and mine Sunday so we like to celebrate together each year.

We went to a new restaurant (to me) that I have never been too in salt lake city. It was kind of in a sketch part of town put was ended up being really good!

It was called Frieda’s Bistro. This classic car was out front, which I thought was pretty cool.

I hurried back to make sure the kids made it to gymnastics on time and pick up some last minute things I need for a salad for a family get together tonight!

Off to make a salad, get kids ready, wrap some presents, get myself somewhat acceptable to humans and head off to the family party.

life. never. stops.

However, it sure makes life interesting.

How do you deal with crazy days?

What is one thing you like to do for YOU?

Try a new restaurant lately that you liked?