Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Never Ending Energy

I finally had a good night of sleep last night! I only got up once to go to the bathroom and woke up with my alarm, instead of pain or a twin. I will call it a win!

I headed to GPP after a quick breakfast. The workout today was a sneaky one! It seemed easy just looking at it but it kicked my booty by the end!




The whole time I stared at this! It got me through the workout. I really do feel better after a workout even if I have to modify something, it is my goal to give it my all every day.

Instead of v-ups I did KB swings with #25lb, and I did push presses instead of the jacks. I loved this workout, and I left with accomplishing the goal I had in mind.

Last night my FIL had a little fathers day get together at his home for a little pie, the twins have been wild lately and it is just best if we go, go, go! We had some time before the party so I to

After the twins had preschool, we had a date with a few of my cousins and our kids at the park. It was fun to get together with them. We used to hang out all the time but our family is so big now it is a little harder to get together.


Ps. How cute is my nephew! He is getting so big I can’t stand it!

We were there for a few hours and I was SURE the twins would fall asleep on the way home..

It didn’t happen.

Eating a lot of these did.


Thank you Costco. Driscoll raspberries are literally the best on earth!

I had a wrap afterward.


T and B colored, played cars/barbies and still weren’t tired, so it was time to jump.. in hopes it would tone them down a bit.


No such luck.. an hour later we found ourselves out on a walk.


Me chasing them around the block is becoming a daily occurrence.

I made dinner while they ran through the sprinklers naked in the backyard.

Seriously, I wish I could bottle up their energy for myself these days! I could probably sell it and make millions.

What is your favorite fruit?

How much would you pay for the energy of a 3 year old? Ha!