Monday, June 16, 2014

I’m On A Skateboard


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone’s week got off to  good start!

I headed to GPP first thing this morning. I snagged a waffle from yesterday’s breakfast and ate the majority of it before snapping this pic.

I chose to skip out on the workout today because I coached the class I normally do but also had a boot camp and body attack to teach later on in the day. This pregnant chick isn’t what she used to be.. It is one of my favorite GPP workouts to do though so I may make it up tomorrow!

I pulled out a workout for boot camp that I had them do a few months ago. It took them almost the whole hour to complete it.

You can find this workout and others like it up in my “Work it Out” Tab. There are also track workouts, treadmill workouts and core workouts!

Video Demo to explain the lingo.


Lunch and Dinner ended up being the same thing! I’m becoming a pregnant woman of habit I guess.

Turkey Sandwich + a LOT of watermelon for the win. x2

Honestly, after teaching Body Attack I was just not in the mood to make anything for dinner and it was just simple for me and the family. Luckily, nobody minded.

Body Attack went well today but I am most definitely feeling pregnant half way through it. I am glad I still can make it through but not sure how much longer all that jumping is going to last. PS. I modify and do A TON of low option throughout the class as well. It is just a bouncy class.

The weather was pretty sub par today so I made it a craft day for the kids and I.

We chalked, played with ribbons, play doh, foam stickers and coloring books..

If anyone needs to be kept busy, I can send you these two.

This is what happens when crafts go bad. AKA I literally just go to the restroom..

I am so pretty.

Bee said it is me on a skateboard.

At least I am still that cool mom to her.

Ps. It is my BIRTHDAY week! I am planning a fun giveaway of a few of my favorite things! So stay tuned!


Do 100 squats or 50 Burpees?

Eat the same thing every day for every meal that you like? Or eat something different for every meal that you absolutely hated?