Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Oh, do I have a workout for you today!

Before I get to that lets re cap the day in 4 pictures.

I slept in. -> Miracle.. because I usually don’t make it past 5:37 AM.

Went to the GPP. We did THIS workout.

I deadlifted #135 4x5 and #145 1x5. -> Safe wt. while pregnant? Depends on YOU.

I wussed out (babied out?) of incline pushups though, and went for the press today with #25 DB in each hand.


Got a make over.


You can’t tell but one eye has BLUE eye shadow and the other has hot pink.

Thanks Bee.

We went to the pool with a splash pad today. We played at the splash pad the majority of the time because my stress level goes from 0 to 100 in 2.2 when my kids are in a pool FULL of crazy kids.


2 different directions ALL. THE. TIME.

Mid Day Shake.



Boot camp class.

Body Pump class.


The end.

Both of my classes went great at the gym tonight. Boot camp was ROUGH! As was Pump, but if you guys want to tackle a workout, here is what my boot camp did after about a 20 minute long tabata warm up.


Demo movements:

Front Squats


It seems dreadful, especially if you have to run in 85 degrees and if that mile run is mostly uphill.. oh wait.. they did.

It does go by pretty quick. Most of the class was able to finish within a half hour. Those that did finish before class was over (It’s a 60 minute class) actually climbed back up. So after the mile they did 20 thrusters, 800m run and so on.

Remember if you are new to working out and are not conditioned for this type of workout. Please do yourself a favor and cut the reps and runs in HALF.

Its enough. Ps. It is not called the “Paralyzer” for nothin…

Hope you try it!

Summer has been off to a great start! The weather here has been amazing lately and is suppose to continue through the week, so I’m almost positive that won’t be the last pool pic of the week!

Tell me about YOUR workout today in the comments! I love that crap.