Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Fun


Last night was spent with family celebrating my traditional birthday festivities.

Watermelon + S’mores!


It was a great birthday! We went on a family walk,*took a nap, and just hung out with my family.


Baylee even drew Brent & I a self portrait.


Oh and if your wondering if I did laundry at all this weekend the answer is no, and those baskets are still sitting right there.

This morning I grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to work early. I coached a few classes then stayed to get my workout done for the day.


I like this workout and only had to modify the burpees a little bit- I do a strict push up from my knees instead of putting my whole body on the floor since that’s close to impossible and some reps I took the push up out completely. Ha!



I actually did 28 rounds for my 28th birthday! I was even able to coerce a few other people into the 8 extra rounds!

How else would you celebrate?

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Time to get the kids up and ready then off to teach a boot camp class.

Catch ya’ later! Have a great Monday!!

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!

Do you have a birthday tradition?