Who's Who

Body of a Mother follows my life of health and fitness and will often feature the people that mean the world to me. So, here is a quick who's who guide to my blog!


Brent is my husband! We dated our senior year in high school and were married in February 2008.

Brent is also a big fitness fanatic, he loves to workout, play lacrosse, football and works as an accountant. I also can get him to do a few races with me. 

We have been together for 8 years, he is pretty fantastic.

 After 2 years of marriage we added two more!

These two little burritos just turned 2 this year and are as busy as ever.


AKA T. He is the most loving, cuddly little boy in the world who loves everything trucks, trains and cars!

She is known as Bee on the blog, and this little girl is non-stop! She is the most talkative and wiggly little thing I know. She is a constant blur. Bee loves frogs, dogs and babies.

Together we have a ton a fun

Sisters: Heather & Jessica 

These two beauties are my sisters. We talk, text, and tweet every day. They are my best friends, it doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing we can always find something to laugh at. Jessica just ran her first half marathon this year and Heather loves to do relay races! We workout together whenever possible.
They pretty much rock. 

The Boys:

Here are the boys of the Fam. My dad, and brothers. Parker, Jamison and Jared. All my brothers are big baseball boys and control the field when it comes to football. I love going to their games to cheer them on. My dads their coach, so its baseball and football talk around the dinner table. My dad is in construction and builds homes. He has an artistic eye for design that I wish I would of inherited.


Aly is my step-mom. She also loves to bake and bike, the babies adore her and she is willing to help me out anytime with anything! She is an elementary teacher and often has great advice.

My Mom:

My mother is my angel, she watches over my family and I every day, and not one day goes by that I don't think about her. She passed away July 31, 2005 due to health complications related to pneumonia. She was the most gentle, funniest person to be around. She could play a mean game of solitaire in her days and loved to read. She is definitely missed.