Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making Life Decisions


Today is flying by!

I had an early day coaching this morning so I popped a ezekiel muffin in the toaster and headed out the door.

Today at GPP it was one of our shaping workouts. These types of workouts used to be so hard for me to do because I would rather run, burp and jump before any kind of “slow burn” building workout. It’s just the ADD girl in me, I guess. But this pregnancy has humbled me and bit and I fully enjoyed this workout today!

I spent about a half hour on the bike afterward. It is still hard for me to sit down on the seat, so I spend the majority of the time out of the saddle because of the pain I’m having with my tailbone this pregnancy.

Post workout I snagged a protein shake from organic valley that I received at blend.

I haven’t been to the grocery store all week and Costco’s raspberries are one thing that is a MUST HAVE in my life right now.

Along with quick kid snacks.. I am sure T and B are going through some growth spurt. They do not stop eating all day! Then again, they don’t stop moving all day…

We have had crazy weather here.. it actually snowed up the mountain yesterday! I’m sure it is the middle of June, right?!

This rain cloud was crazy! It was so big and dark but blue all around it.

Then there was thing called lunch today that I am sure will do nothing but shock you.

One day, I may have something different for lunch.. ha!

I also showed T & B the joy of dipping graham crackers into milk for snack today.

They loved it! This is a snack I used to have ALL the time when I was a kid! My mom put butter on her graham crackers! I like to just fully emerge it in the milk till it is soggy.. its about a 7 second soak before it gets tooooo soggy. ----> I have it down to a science.

My kids are done with preschool and their awesome teacher gave them everything that they used throughout the year so today we pulled it out and they went through practically every page. These two LOVE to learn!

Tanner and Baylee are July babies and I did start them in preschool a year early but thinking I want to hold them back a year so they will be the oldest in their age group. I am thinking about homeschooling them preschool next year then doing another preschool the next but they are kind of ahead of the game and will probably get bored by that 3rd year..


Decisions of making life choices for our children…

I have combat tonight and then it will be time for bed! I have a 4:15 am alarm tomorrow morning.

Have a great night!

Were you the youngest in your age group or the oldest?

I was the youngest! June baby!

Did you have a favorite childhood snack?