Monday, June 9, 2014

Boot Camp Summer Sweat

Ah! Monday is wrapping up!!

It was such a warm day today, I think it is a fact that when your pregnant 80 degrees feels like 110.

After coaching GPP this morning, my next class was boot camp. I put together a rough workout for a Monday.. They all killed it.


Take this workout however you want. There is a 1 mile after each round, but you can shorten it, or bike, or stair climb, or even take out the run and just do the 3 rounds! Select weights that are comfortable and modify it to make it work for you.

Here are some video demos from GPP fitness.

KB swings

Air Squat

Power Clean

Front Squat


High sumos

OH Step back lunge

Everyone was pretty drippy afterward! I guess my job was done..

I did part of this workout with them today, I coach and help most of the time, but went out for a run and would randomly jump in on a few AMRAP’s. Afterward, I cooled down on the elliptical while catching up with a friend.


My feet fall asleep in the first 10 minutes of this… Anyone else?

I picked the kids up from pre-school and headed straight home for lunch!

I made a chicken wrap and had some Strawberry Chobani on the side.


While Tanner and I played around once again with his train track.. we ran into a problem.. a few of them actually. He is a little master builder.. I really think its my fault it ends up impossible to connect.

We relaxed and napped for a few hours today, which was exactly what I needed! I was exhausted today.. thanks to the bean.

I had to take another run to the airport today. (Glad its close to me!)

Then Bee decided that swimming was mandatory today and wouldn’t take no for an answer, so as soon as Brent got home from work we headed down the street to the splash pad.

I love having it so close!

I love when we get to go as a family. Monday and Friday nights are the only nights we have have together so I really look forward to them.

Prego friends: What is your favorite type of exercise to do when your pregnant?

I love to swim but hate to do my hair…

What was your workout today?