Friday, June 6, 2014

Treadmill Sweat Circuit

Happy Friday!

We finally made it to the end of the week!

I have a great treadmill workout for you today! I am the type of person that has a hard time just running on the treadmill. I would much rather run outside but sometimes it is just more convienent to run on the treadmill. If I can’t make it for a run in the early morning and beat the heat, I’ll just take it indoors.

Since I have serious ADD on the treadmill, I love to turn it into a circuit! Here is a great workout for you to beat that treadmill boredom!


I love that it keeps you busy and most definitely sweaty!

If you need or want more mileage make some of those 400m runs into 800m!

This morning I headed to GPP to get my sweat on before heading to BLEND!



I had a Ezekiel muffin with almond butter and 1/2 banana before heading out the door, and whipped up a protein shake with my favorite chocolate plant fusion protein powder afterward.

I had Silk unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk, frozen berries, half banana, spinach, chia & flax seeds and a bit of ice.

Quick and EASY!


Bee was really happy excited about it, obviously.

Actually she was whining cause I wouldn’t go spray her with the hose outside at 8am.. It’s a hard life.

P.S It is NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! Rumor has it, some doughnut shops giveaway free one today.. FYI.

Challenge this weekend!

GET OUTSIDE!! Do an active activity outside this weekend!!

Plan it by telling me what your going to do now!