Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coats For Kids 2014


There comes a moment as a parent.. (several moments actually..) When your 3 year old will throw the worst tantrum in a crowd of people because all the girl wants is her OWN corn on the cob.

And she wins…

Coats for kids is a yearly car show held in Bountiful on Main Street. There are a ton of activities for kids, a dance, food and of course the burnout contest.

It is a popular event and all money made goes to Coats for Kids. Most of Bountiful usually shows up..

It is usually a pretty tight squeeze to watch the burn out contest.


Brents family has been doing the contest since it started and I haven’t ever missed it either! We took the Chevy 56’ got some brake locks and Brent went to town.

After the first round we decided to move because the kids were complaining about the smoke in their eyes… My SIL Janey had scoped out a pretty sweet view..


Brent drove the 56’ and it was the best burnout I have ever seen it do!

Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to beat out some GTO Pontiac.

It was a fun night overall and we had fun crusin around in the Bel Air.


This morning, I woke up at 4:45 am.. My back just wasn’t having it last night. I tossed and turned, got up and stretched and then continued to toss and turn until I just gave up and got up.

I decided that pancakes would be perfect to fuel me through teaching body pump!

I used a easy mix by FlapJacked that I got in my swag bag from blend.


You just add water and cook them up! So quick and easy. I topped it with frozen fruit that I had warmed up in the microwave and served with two maple and sage sausages from Applegate.


Pump went well. However, I am starting to tell a difference on my weight selection in class now… Lets just say that bicep track isn’t what it used to be!

I did 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer afterward which might be my new favorite form of cardio at the gym. My feet don’t fall asleep like they do on the elliptical, but today my legs were so tired from pump I ended up doing a few intervals and left the gym all nice and sweaty.


I put the resistance up to 100 on the last 5 minutes and that was no joke.

Do you have a favorite Classic car?

What was your workout today? Anyone race today?