Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finally July!

I love JULY! I think the 4th is one of my favorite holidays! I love everything about BBQ’s and fireworks and of course celebrating those who serve our country. The twins 4th birthday is this MONTH! I can’t even believe it!! 11 days and they will be 4! Then Pioneer Day is the 24th which is just a fun Utah holiday. So lots of fun stuff coming up this month.

I haven’t blogged the last two days.. I’m sorry. Life got a little crazy. We had a family member in the hospital, got our house all back and organized after getting new carpet, sick kid and of course just daily life stuff.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and made some ezekiel muffin with pb and raspberries on top to eat on my way to work.


When I got home from work I ate a 2nd breakfast. You know.. cause its totally normal to do that when your pregnant.

I headed back to work to teach my favorite class… KIDS! I love working with these kids. They all work so hard but of course have fun doing it!

After the kids left I wanted to do a quick workout. The GPP workout today was all core and so I just made up one of my own.

Half way through I changed the squats to 10 reps instead, and I do box switches instead of box jumps but they still get my heart rate up high!

Afterward I got some snuggle time with my little boy..

This doesn’t happen very often.. but I enjoyed every second.

Meals have been hard to come by lately.. nothing sounds good at all.. I could however eat one of these peaches for every meal.. but overall, nothing sounds good. But if I don’t eat something every couple hours I get really sick. Yesterday, we were out runnning errands for several hours and by the time we had time to get something to eat I was so sick and it lasted for the rest of the night! So.. not going to let that happen again.

Lunch today was a turkey , tomato, avocado wrap with a cheese stick and of course a peach! That obviously couldn’t wait to have its picture taken.

Eating off Thomas the train plates are just fun.

Ps. Found this on insta today and it made me laugh!


We are off to get some festivities started! It just rained.. so hoping it clears and we are good to go for the night!

How do you celebrate the 4th?

Any fun Independence day recipes? Please leave a link in the comments!

I need something fun to bring to a family party tomorrow!