About Me

My name is Candice.

I'm 26 years old, a wife, a mother of twins, an athlete, and a fitness instructor. I am very passionate about life, nutrition, and fitness. 
I love making and creating different meals. I love to experiment with new recipes, change recipes and make up my own. I hardly ever follow a recipe without "candifying" it. I like to change daily indulgences into healthy eats.
Along with eating healthy I also believe in a daily indulgence or 2.. 
I have always been active, growing up I was always involved in sports and dance. After high school I cheered for my college team and also danced as a member of an AFL dance team for 2 seasons. 
I got married to the man of my dreams. Known to the blog as the Mr. 

I became a certified Les Mills Instructor in Body Attack and Body Pump. Its something I love and enjoy doing. I hope to inspire everyone that comes to my classes to be the best they can and to kick some butt! ;)

I then became pregnant...


                                                      Meet T & B.  

I created this blog to help me get back into my pre-babies shape. Along with helping other mothers and women reach their fitness/health goals. Or just find something to make for dinner;). 
I believe that everyone can be happy through a healthy lifestyle. Life is full of surprises and the only way to deal is one day at a time.