Monday, August 1, 2011

Bring on August!

Thanks for all the sweet words, about yesterday's post. As I went to bed last night, I just kept thinking how wonderful the blog world is and how I have the greatest, most supportive friends and family out there!
Thanks again!

This morning I woke up refreshed and recommited to making this week a good one!

I started by making a plan! Plan to succeed-- 
I made my training plan..chore chart and party events... plan.

I decided to not only schedule in my work, workouts and tri training, but household chores to, because in this last month (which was a little Cahrazy..) My home was neglected, I need to clean--majorly and I'm more likely to get it done if I WRITE IT DOWN. That way, when its done, I can check it off and I get a feeling of accomplishment when I do so. 

I also jotted down my meal plan- I go through my fridge and make my weekly meal plan with what I have on hand, I really only tentatively plan 3 main meals. My snacks are usually the same every day, which can but are not limited to- as choices- are apples with almond butter, protein shakes, sweet potatoes, Veggies with olive oil, boiled eggs, & chocolate. I use this printable template for my grocery list/meal plan

Then I go ahead and made the shopping list! I include items that I am low on or in need of. (this is actually fairly small.. GO me!) Now lets see if I can stick to it.. .I know we may need to add a few items as the week goes on.

My sister-in-law is in town and we had planned to do a workout together with the other SIL's.  As I headed out the door with my pre-workout snack...

to my BIL's gym this morning it was POURING.. and yes, we ran outside. I love the rain! It made the run a little humid though.. (Utah humid?) I felt as if I was running in Hawaii again!

 It was so fun to work out with them.. He took us through 3 cycles of multiple exercises with a run at the end of each one. The exercises included the use of a TRX, bands, weights, jump ropes, punching bags and body weight exercises! To bad we didn't take the picture pre-workout. We are all  a sweaty hot mess!
I love my fam! Way to work it girls!

I came home and ate some breakfast, 
I know you may get sick of seeing egg scrambles every single day.. but in my defense they are my "go to" breakfast and are always a little different everyday depending on the veggies I have on hand! 

We played on the stairs for about an hour before the twinners nap. Up & Down-- I figure if they can now go up stairs by themselves, I better teach them the right way to go down. Lets just say they are much better at going up. 

And yes, this game never gets old. I don't know why my little thrill seekers find the stairs to be the funnest place to play.

After their nap I headed to GPP to get this workout done! This workout you can totally do at home.. no equipment! Just give your husband or child a whistle and go wild. Haha! 

Lunch was a chocolaty protein shake but I was still hungry and I decided to have a wrap to! 

Low carb wrap, low sodium turkey from the deli, tomatoes and spinach! And of course an apple for good measure! 
I have a happy belly :) The babies are down for their 2nd nap and according to my schedule I have some laundry to put away...
be jealous. Hopefully the twins get a good nap.. this may take awhile.

Have a great day!!

Q. Do you schedule your workouts, meals etc. ?
I'm a total list person! I love to write things down so I'm more likely to get it done!

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  1. I usually write down a weeks worth of dinners and ingredients before I go to the store as well. It's nice to have that list of dinners to choose from the rest of the week and know I have all the ingredients. There's nothing worse than trying to decide what to have for dinner and being one ingredient too short! I have to write down house chores for myself too! Something about crossing it off the list motivates me to do it ten times more!

    Your comment on my blog about your swimming was so funny. It made me feel better. I love how you described yourself as a cat in the water. You give me hope. I am getting a little more coordinated with each lesson. Can't wait to do a tri someday!