Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just get through it.

Yesterday, ended up without a pool party.. the babies needed a nap more then ever from being out and about and my afternoon training ride ended up being just a little lot longer then expected..
As my friend and I set out yesterday at 3pm.. (who does this?) It was about 90 degrees. We went anyway, 3 miles into it...
Yep, flat. Although, I have never had to change a flat tire before, so it was a good learning experience.. for a "just in case during the race" circumstance. My friends husband was a good teacher and I was very impressed with how fast he was able to come track us down and get us all ready to go again. Honestly.. where would we be without the men in our lives. ;)
Off we went again, I was having a hard time shifting my bike. I wasn't getting the power I wanted.. it was either really easy or just burned my legs out. Now, if I was wanting to feel the burn I would keep it that way but for a triathlon that is the one thing you don't want to do since you have to run right after. So I spent the majority of the ride playing around with my gears to just get comfortable and among that struggle my elbow pad fell off somewhere! How did I not notice... Luckily, we had made it to the end of our trail by the time I looked down and noticed so we had the whole ride back to check for it! My friend spotted it about two miles  in on the way back! Phew, crisis averted. 
On our way back home we saw a FOX! He was just playing around on the trail! I tried to get a good pic...but he was a swift little guy. 
can you spot the fox?

 We ran into a crazy, random wind storm right at the end of our ride!! I hate wind! with a passion people. Especially strong wind, mixed with rain... 

A rainbow popped out right as we set out for a quick one mile run.. Yes, one mile. That's all I was feeling at that point. So we at least got the feeling of transition but my stomach wasn't feeling to hot and the thought of even running made me sick. Luckily, my friend pushed me to get the mile done. I felt good about running and I was glad to have her with me! Friends always seem to help out when training. I feel as if we push each other to  be better and work harder and with the conversations we have it definitely makes the time go faster! All together we completed 23 miles on the bike and a 1 mile run! So if this training experience is anything like what my actual triathlon is going to be next week....maaaaaaaaaybe I'll make it through. Ha! I always say its good to train in the elements. You know, for those "just in case in race" moments! But I like to assume, the water will be perfect, the temperature will be ideal, my bike will ride like a breeze and nothing will or could go wrong because I just showed up! :) Either way, I choose to just get through it! 

Today for lunch we made up a quick meal out of spaghetti squash and roasted zucchini, yellow squash, onions and broccoli!

Topped it off with some peach mango salsa (from costco) and some avocado! Times this by 3! It was so good! Now were off to celebrate my little bro's birthday!! 
Catch ya' later!

Would you rather?

Would you rather bike in 100 degree weather dressed in a abonomile snowman suit? OR in a bikini with 60 MPH winds and rain that is pelting your skin?

Would you rather eat vegetables that are covered in chocolate? Or fruit that is covered in HOT sauce?


  1. Way to rock through the elements!! Im voting for neither on the weather conditions question ;) and veggiea covered in chocolate

  2. I just bought a bit VAT [haha, aka industrial size] of the mango salsa from Costo this weekend! I put it on top of my salad and eggs last night- sweet and savory= bliss!