Thursday, August 11, 2011

step into my office

I'm just getting ready to take off for the cache-teton mountain EPIC relay! (that is quite the mouthful)...
This day has been a little crazy, probably due to the fact I've been procrastinating spending time playing and watching T walk and around!! My week long TO-DO list is getting done in one day though! For that I am proud!
I have moved my laptop from here

To here:
Welcome to my office!
I've decided that the laptop doesn't make a great drumset for the babies, So I have had to move it about a foot away and 4 arm lengths away;)

Breakfast was a muffin! A little less then stellar today due to the fact I started making it and realized 2 things.
1. I didn't have any eggs. Shocking I know but all 3 dozen were boiled...
2. I don't have any pumpkin puree in my pantry.. due to the grocery store calling it a "seasonal product"

oh well.. I'll make do.

1. Make Flax egg.

2. Applesauce instead of pumpkin.

3. Add 2 tbs original unsweetened almond milk

end result?

Fail.. not so yum, but it kinda worked?.. if you love flax... at least I'll be regular right;) You win some you lose some...

Lunch was fantastic and I know your going to jealous of this goolush..

How to-
Open fridge- Take everything you have leftover from other meals and throw into a bowl and reheat.
Classic meal around here lately and I'm not even ashamed.

The twinners got to go visit the Doctor today. They had a great time, shots and all! The Doctor was very impressed with them. I am a proud momma!

I have made potato fries, and granola! Recipe comin' atcha a little later. I got all my race snacks prepared and I'm ready to run.. 48+ hours in a van sounds fantastic right? I actually am really excited. Our last one was a blast!!

I have a few more things to wrap up before I take off so I'll see ya later! Have a good weekend!

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  1. Gotta love when you go to make something and are lacking ingredients! Good luck this weekend