Monday, February 28, 2011

Simply wonderful

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA but when I said that I was feeling better.. and CUP-CAKES are the celebration.. I am still a stuffalufagus... and I even lost my voice. Although the Cup-cake did make me feel a little better :) Soooo.... with all the snot in my brain I haven't been to creative in the kitchen.. Which actually made me come up with todays post! Healthy eating doesn't require hours in the kitchen or difficult recipes with ingredients you have never heard of.
I always have 3 things in my kitchen.

  • Grilled Chicken.
  • Vegetables
  • Brown Rice.

Perfect meal.

Another meal, that I love to make at my house because its SO easy, healthy and filling. And who doesn't love breakfast for lunch.. and/or dinner..?? I really could eat breakfast for every meal!!

Egg whites & Vegetable Scramble!
(with some marys crackers on the side) We were out of Ezekiel Bread for toast :(

Well. That was my Sunday in reverse.. 
Simply wonderful and wonderfully simple.

Today's Dinner was in big thanks to Plates and Palates. Its one of my favorite little restaurants in bountiful. Everything is fresh and natural. This is their spinach and shrimp salad. It consist of spinach, shrimp, sliced sweet potatoes and grapefruit. The Citrus dressing that comes with it is delicious as well. I think I could drink it. ;) 

Now, I have settled down the night with some fro-yo
Pineapple fro-yo (dairy free) strawberries, kiwi, Graham crust, cap'n crunch cereal and sprinkles. 
Don't judge. This is delicious.

I also got a couple little ones to share with..

Time for the Bachelor!
final threeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Q. Whats your favorite Fro-yo and toppings

Q. Do you have a go to meal that is simply wonderful?

Friday, February 25, 2011


Hi Everyone!! I have some good news!! We are on our back to health and happiness (and hopefully a full night rest soon..)  around here. Baby B & daddy are 100% and Little T and I are about uh.. 80% ?
Either way.. we are on the upside! I think that deserves a celebration!! How about some Cake?? Some Cup Cake!! or cake in a cup? YES please!!


  • 2 T. Oat Flour
  • 2 T. Almond Milk (or any type)
  • 2 T. Chocolate Protein Powder
  • 2 T. Truvia/Stevia
  • 2 T. Cocoa Powder (or more for a chocolateir? taste..)
  • 2 egg whites
  • 3 T. Applesauce (no added sugar)
  • 1/2 t. of vanilla Extract

Put all ingredients into a microwave safe cup.

Mix Ingredients ALL together very well! (if not you will have chunks of egg white.. )

Put in Microwave for 3 minutes..
(it kind of cooks straight didn't overflow) 



I think I want to celebrate a little more often ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

whats what..

So since I have been sick.. its really been boring on the whole creating meals. Lots of Shakes to help my throat.. and hot peppers with hummus to try and clear my sinus's.. No luck yet..
At least all these green monsters are helping me use up the ginormous bag of spinach from Costco.

 I have been able to get my workouts in though.. (I just have to run faster then my nose..)
Hardest 5 miles of my life..runny nose and couldn't breathe. But at least I got them done.. 

We spent the remainder of the morning at the Dr. office for the babies Well-Checks. 
They are growing right on schedule and hitting average on all the charts for weight and height! 
Still Stuffy and coughing but feeling better!

What  is Body Pump? Body Pump is a 1 hour strength training class. Designed and choreographed by Les Mills.  Each person has a bar with weights of their choice, and a bench. There are 10 tracks, Each class will go as followed.. 1-warm-up 2- squats 3- chest 4- Back & hamstrings 5- triceps 6- biceps 7- lunges 8- shoulders 9-abs 10-stretch.  This is one of my favorite classes to teach because it hits every muscle in the body!  This class is great for pregnant woman to! Along with every Les mills program!!

What is Body Attack? Body Attack is also designed and choreographed by Les Mills. It is the ultimate sweat sesh class. You will burn a crazy amount of calories. You run, jump, work on agility, lunge, strengthen and run some more. There are a lot of plyometric movements that challenge you throughout the hour. It is perfect for every athlete, sports star to a competive runner. Not to mention you will become a sweaty beast.  As with every program Body Attack is for everybody. There are different levels that accomadate every body type to help you reach your goal. Pregnant woman included! In fact the program director Lisa Osborne is pregnant and continues to do BA well into her 3rd trimester!

What is GPP? - First off , GPP stands for  General Physical Prepardness.  After I had my babies, I quickly went back to teaching Body Pump and Body Attack. (5 weeks postpartum)  But I knew I needed something more. My heart is with group fitness, I love working out in the group atmosphere.  You make friends and I love the competiveness of it.   At GPP, there is a work out of the day. You meet together and whatever the workout may be. It is always challenging and requires your full attention for that 20 minutes.  YES, ONLY 20 minutes!!  These workouts are quick but effective. In fact, Not only has it changed my body, but with these workouts , as a runner, you think you have to just RUN to train. Let me tell you, that strength training is a huge part of race training as well. I have easily shaved 2 minutes of my mile!!  And I don’t have to run as often!  In the first week you will feel a difference.  The trainer’s  there are knowledgeable, motivating and are there to help you reach your goals.  I have made so many new friends and we are all there to motivate and help eachother. If you live in Davis county YOU HAVE to come try it out!!  If you live in other states, no worries, check out the website and do the workout yourself!  Again, GPP is  FOR EVERYBODY!! For more info click here
So come join the party.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

to be used..

Hey everybody! (imagine that Dr. from the simpsons.. ) weird.. I just felt like that.
Speaking of doctors we took baby B in last night.. It was just to sad to snuggle with this face any longer..

Bad news.. she has bronchiolitis..and T does to.  (wow, spell check didn't even underline that) Anyway.. Its not RSV thank goodness!! But still its just not a cold.. 

Good news.. She got some meds.
This was her this morning. Bed head and all. via Iphone. T is also feeling a little better. So maybe we are on the upside of this!!

Wish I could say the same.. You know that magical protector of all? whateve. It didn't work.. maybe I should of gone with orange. I am now sick. I even woke up early and came to the realization.. But with high hopes..
I tried again.. anything pink should be delicious right? Well... I think those bubbles indicate some sort of poison.. gag me. 

I went back to bed.. okay, not really.. Can you sleep with two babies on your bed? So we snuggled for a few hours till someone pooped.. 
then I was hungry.. 
Warm bowl of oats with a spinach smoothie. good for the throat..alternate ice then heat.. and repeat.
Okay, thats for sprained ankle or something.. but the pink poison didn't work so here was plan 2.

I haven't gone anywhere all day..I now have a butt groove in my couch.. be jealous. 
But I have to teach tonight.. lets see how long my voice lasts.. would you be motivated to squat lower by a nasaly, scratchy voiced, raccoon eyed rockstar?   
yea, I thought so.. Rock on. 


Did I mention I'm sick.. Cereal was the easiest.. 

I hardly ever buy cereal because I could probably devour a whole box in 2 days.. by myself.. But this one was on sale and caught my eye..

mm... really. as much protein as an egg.. huh? lets zoom in..
"cereal contains 13g protein per serving.. one large egg contains 6 g per serving" ...
Soooo.. wouldn't you say this cereal has MORE protein then an egg.. ??  1 serving is 1 cup.. oh that's pleasant. Which means in reality I'll have a bowl which is equivalent to about 2 cups.. so I'll eat about 26 grams of protein?? mm. just advertise "as much protein as chicken".. but this is cereal.. so lets just stick to that..  because well, airborne doesn't advertise.. 100% juice.. for good reason too, they wouldn't sell any if they advertised it as "gag juice". Well. all in all .. the cereal has 10 grams of fiber per serving. I ate to much and now my head, nose, ears throat and stomach hurt. If you noticed, yes I ate it out of a cup.. but had 2 refills...... so I ate a cow and drank a whole bottle of Metamucil? ??
you do the math.. either way. Your not going to want to be going in my bathroom in the morning..
TMI? oh well.

I did however get myself to play 300 rounds of peek-a-boo and sang in my most beautiful raspy voice, twinkle twinkle little star...
I decided to finish the laundry I started.. uh.. 3 days ago..speaking of that.. I went upstairs to gather the dirty clothes and we do have a laundry basket in my closet.. but you still have to get them out of the bathroom.. next to the dresser.. in the bed stand?? and on the shelf??
That's my husbands wadded up clothes.. if you didn't catch that towards the end.. I gathered them out of the bed stand too.. why would my genius husband do such a thing?? (he really is genius..)
So I asked him and he simply stated they are his "to be used clothes".. 
To be used?
Alright honey.. 
So your gym clothes can be worn twice. and those socks twice before being washed..I'll admit, I do that sometimes to but I still consider it "clean" clothes and hang it back up..  (never socks.. that's just gross)

*(I think I'll buy him stronger cologne..)

When you get married, you cope with those differences.. it only took 3 years to discover this quark.. 
Instead of being mad that I have to play hide and seek to collect his laundry, I thought about my little quark..

Do you see a pattern..? yes, I'm a halfer.. a snacker, a grazer.. whatever you want to call it. You wonder why I don't post everything I eat..? Because it would be ridiculous.. half of this, a bite of this, pieces of that.. catch my drift? That's how I roll sometimes.. & If it wasn't me doing it I'd make fun of it too..  I don't know why I do it? I guess I just like variety snacking?? This drove my step mom cahrazy! So I got married and moved out ;) Brent just tolerates it. He is a winner, I'm telling you. --Love you baby..
Lets just call it my "to be used" food... 

Q. Do you have " To be used clothes"

Q. Whats your quark or your significant others quark that you deal with?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Not me..

Alright, So before I was a mom.. I would always watch other moms with their kids.
Sometimes the kid would still be in their pajamas.. and it was 10. Being out and about by 10 am they could surely get some real clothes on their child..
Not me.. I always have my kids ready..
don't let the bow fool you.. I put it on for the picture..

Working in a pediatric dental office I would see kids with boogery noses and dried snot smeared across their faces.. "really.. take a kleenex to that nose.. its not THAT hard..."

Oh.. not me.. that would not be my child..

Everytime, I would be in line at the grocery and see a mom cave to the pleadings of her child for a piece of chocolate or a toy because they assured that it would make them happier..or just to keep them giving them whatever they want..

Not me.. I for one would NEVER let that be my child..

I cave.. okay.. not to chocolate but she can have all the cash she needs.

But chocolate. yes, that will make me feel better..

With PB.. even better.

Not even on the healthy side, but did I care. Not in the least, I have been wiping, sucking, scrubbing, changing, bathing, rocking, singing and even some dancing to try and keep my sick babies happy.
A little chocolate never hurt anyone.  And yes, it did make me feel better.. all 5.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat.. and a slight ear ache.. (you know the feeling)
AHHHH! No!! Not me.. I can't get sick.. I just can't. I don't get ready as it is each day, throw a sickness in and people might turn and run.
I went to the store post workout and grabbed the most magical protector from sickness..

As I stood their debating between flavors.. Orange, berry, lime.. sigh.. I think there was about 3 people that walked by in amazement and all asked questions about why my cart was so full with children..
Its no surprise to me when someone will stop me.. or stalk me through the aisles to ask me about my babies..
It is quite the sight to see.

So here is a little Q & A about the twins, having twins, carrying twins.. etc.

**These are the questions I get asked daily when I'm out and about. I should just wear a t-shirt...
but I really don't mind because.. I love my babies and they are my favorite thing to talk about.
But for the random strangers.. (not blog friends.. cause we are BFFS) here ya go..

  1. Are those Twins?!
Why, yes they are.. what cha think.. I took some other child and left the snot there to dry?

     2. A Boy and A Girl?

Yes, hence the blue blanket and the pink one... maybe the bow throw you off..?

    3. Oh, you got your hands full..

Is that a even a question? no.. but I get that a lot

     4. My moms, friends, cousin had twins to.

Is that a question? no... but now we are great friends.

     5.  How much did they weigh?
B was 4lb 14 oz and T was 5 lbs 9 oz.. how much did your moms, friends, cousins twins weigh?

    6. Were you on any fertility?
First off.. if you ever EVER see a random person.. you don't know.. don't ask them this ?. K. Im not a personal person by any means.. but some people don't want you to know it took them a over a year to get pregnant.  But yes, I was.. But it also runs in my family, My grandmother on the maternal side had twins. I was destined.

    7. Is it hard?
Is having two newborns hard? Well .. if it was easy everyone else would be doing it..

   8. You look skinny did you lose all that weight naturally?
(no joke, someone asked me this today)... Well.. do you naturally wake up before the sun to run or swim then  get your babies ready and out the door to make it on time to your class at your gym to sweat, push your limits till you want to puke.. ? Then yes, I lost "ALL" that weight naturally..

  9. What did you name them?
I named them their names.. what was your again?

    10. Do you breastfeed?
(are you staring at my rack?) I did but now I'm done.. thats why my cart is full of formula..

Oh okay.. you have a nice day..

You to.. Thanks...

The end..
By the end of that conversation I had selected my desired flavor..
Just drop it into water for health and happiness..

Purely disgusting..maybe I should of gone with orange?? 

Time to lay back and relax...


Sunday, February 20, 2011

In my favor..

We woke up to a blanket of snow..

NOT in my favor..

2 babies & husband are sick with colds/fevers.. chances I sneak away without catching the bug??

NOT in my favor .. but I'm taking my chances.

Breakfast.. Definitely in my favor

Baked Apple French Toast. 

You will need:

2 medium sized apples
3 tbsp Smart Balance butter
3 tbsp Cinnamon
3 tbsp Truvia or Stevia
Desired Agave Nectar
1/2 C. sliced almonds
4 egg whites
1/2 C. Almond Milk
4 slices of Ezekiel bread (or any whole grain bread)
Pure Maple Syrup


Preheat oven 375 degrees
Thinly slice both apples
Melt butter in microwave
Mix cinnamon, truvia into the butter
Layer apples on bottom of glass pan, Pour a small amount of the mixture over the top of apples.

Layer apples and repeat.

Sprinkle the top with sliced almonds
Bake for 30 minutes

To prepare french toast:
Mix egg whites with almond milk with fork
Add cinnamon if desired. (you know I did)
Soak each slice in mix and put on hot griddle/pan.
Soakin it up.

Cook each side for 3-4 minutes until brown.

Top with baked apples

Healthy, delicious and sweet.
Yep, completely in my favor-- I'll take my chances. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sick day..

I took a "sick" day today.. all my attention has been with my babes and my hubby!
boo.. sicky poo. 

Loves snuggling with daddy

On the bright side.. I think they are all starting to feel better! .. Dinner was simple and quick today.

Grilled chicken with a little bbq and roasted cauliflower, green beans and zucchini. 

To roast my veggies I simply just pre-heat the oven to 350 and spread the chopped vegetables out on a cookie sheet, spray with canola oil and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash. 

Easy and perfect for those busy days.. 

Something to do..

 *Check out my first guest post over at mealsandmoves!!