Monday, August 29, 2011

burnt to a crisp.

Sorry for such a late post! First off thank you so much for all the congrats about my triathlon.  I really couldn't achieve it without the inspiration and support I get from all of you!

Today has been a MONDAY! A good one nonetheless.--> 3 meals, 3 workouts, 2 snacks and no shower.
"mom, I have crazy hair, feed me more muffin!"

I woke up early to attempt to get some house work done but I ended up sharing a breakfast muffin with my cute baby girl.

This was a perfect muffin! I used this recipe but just had raspberries 
Lunch came quick today, I was hungry for lunch by 11 but held off with a few handfuls of almonds and a good workout at GPP. To see the WOD click here! It was a good one.. and if your up for a real challenge this one kicked my trash. Yes, I competed in a triathlon just two days ago and honestly, I can say that I wasn't even sore! I really think that my training at GPP is what helped prevent such agony. How is it that I can compete in a race for 3 hours and not be sore, but a 20 minute workout can make me sore for days sometimes?! 
It wasn't until about one when I got the babies down for a nap and was able to actually sit down and enjoy a meal. 
I found these turkey burgers on clearance at the grocery store and couldn't pass them up. 

They were pretty quick and easy to make.  I simply grilled it on a skillet. I would of preferred cooked on the actual grill,  but it was a million degrees outside today and I was not planning on standing over a hot grill. 

I topped it off with slices of a fresh garden tomato and onion with Brussels sprouts and fresh garden cucumbers sprinkled with a little sea salt and paprika.  There was also a small Bartlett pear for something sweet after. 
Iphone pics do this no justice.

There really is nothing better then fresh from the garden vegetables!!! I think I could eat the tomato like an apple and cucumbers like they are tortilla chips!! I'm so addicted to crisp veggies right now!

I taught body attack and came home to some grilled chicken that Brent had made.. but with the twinners its pretty easy to get side tracked and forget about the cooking chicken
" I like to keep mommy and daddy busy and think its funny when they burn food, cause playing is more important!"

 (If only you knew how many meals I actually burn) Chicken.. Burnt to a crisp..Its okay honey, happens to me more then it doesn't... hehe!

Still edible right? I'll make it work, I had some chicken along with a chocolaty chocolate post workout recovery shake.

In the mix:

  • 1.5 Cup unsweetened Almond Milk

  • 7-10 Ice cubes

  • 1 heaping scoop of Chocolate Protein

  • 1 tbs unsweetened Cocoa Powder

  • Pinch of xanthan & gaur gum--(just a thickening agent)

  • Handful of Spinach

It is now oober late (10:30pm, is late for this lady k!) and I'm off to bed! Early wake up call tomorrow for a fun run. Yes. Fun because it will only be 3 miles. See you all tomorrow after a photo shoot! ;)
Lets hope this tooth breaks through so we don't have to deal with this drama.
These alligator tears break my heart.. teething is no fun! 

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Q. Any teething remedies? 
I have tried baby orabase, motrin (I try to avoid it but its the only thing that helps), cold wash cloth and teething rings.


  1. Sounds like a good day to me! I need to get back to attack, i miss it. Have you looked at the new releases yet? Ive only listened to pump but i like the music a lot. Oh no! I bet teething is so painful

  2. Love this quote, "How is it that I can compete in a race for 3 hours and not be sore, but a 20 minute workout can make me sore for days sometimes?!"


  3. Haha, don't worry, I burn things too- a little char never hurt anyone :P The past two summers I've babysat for the same baby and he was teething... He didn't like teething rings much so that was a big bummer :/ We gave him frozen foods [yogurt, fruit, etc] that he would eat and it helped!