Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Race Weight

Okay, Late night blogging will not become a regular thing.. it just seems like it the past couple days. Better late then never right? We had a early start today and have been go go ALL day!

This morning the twinners did their first photo shoot for J.J. Cole. They did such a good job! I'll post the pics asap.
When it comes down to any picture time with them, I totally build up a good sweat trying to get their attention and smile and laugh and look like they are perfect children all the time. Its tough stuff. How many rounds of peek a boo and tickle fest can you do for time?

They were pooped by the end! Baylee was literally trying to lay down on the dirty sidewalk she was more then ready for nap time!

We made it right on time for a workout at GPP. Tuesdays are strength days, we take our time to complete the work out. Each exercise was a heavy, challenging weight or skill --> ring dips anyone? 
We ran to the grocery store for a few ingredients I need for a surprise tomorrow... 
I came home to whip up a special thank you for my neighbor for just being amazing..(we really have the best neighbors ever, no contest) They only deserve the best.
Mama Peas PB dough balls were created, Lots of dough was consumed.... I'm in a cookie coma.. Always a good thing right before teaching a body pump class right?.. Because of the cookie overload, I decided it would be fun to add 5 air squats before and after each track.. The class did not stop moving and it ended up being a ROUGH workout, in a good way of course :) 
please note: (I made the air squats completely optional, you know for those who consumed an equal amount of cookie dough.)
Post-workout I had a chocolate recovery shake. These will never get old. Sorry.

Then I got a head start on a project for tomorrow! ;)--> stay posted! 
Now discussion for the night--

Race Weight

Lets chat about weight shall we? First off, I want you to know I'm not a fan of the scale,because your weight fluctuates every day, morning, & night. Muscle > Fat.. etc. I focus more on how my clothes fit and how I feel then a silly number.   A few days before this triathlon I weighed myself to see how my body would react after the triathlon. 
What do you think happened? 
You just ran a marathon, a triathlon or just a long training session. You just burned 3,000 plus calories. 
You are sure you sweat buckets which you assume would lead to at least a 3 pound weight loss.. right?! 


Maybe it's different for everyone but this is the second time I have done this with the same results. I GAIN 3+ pounds. And after researching it via internet it is totally a common and a normal trend post race.  

Here is why-

When you exhort so much energy your body uses its glycogen stores to get to that finish line. When your done your body wants to replace that glycogen ASAP, just in case you decide to ever go out and do that again. Therefore, retaining water like a madhouse. Because your muscles have tiny tears in the fiber and will retain fluid to repair themselves. .No worries though, your weight will return back to normal, or less! Sometimes it takes a couple days, sometimes it takes up to a week. 
Again, totally normal! 

Q. Have you ever noticed weight gain after a big race?


  1. Always!!! But it comes off after a couple days.

  2. oh my, yes! I was totally confused when after my marathon, I looked like a blimp. I retain water like crazy and weighed in 6+ lbs. I need to take your advice and distance myself from the scale and that number. It is totally frustrating.

  3. I feel like a monster eating everything I can after a race..I figured the weight gain was from the binge.

  4. Sometime after my workouts I couldn't help myself but to crave those delicious foods. But I have already controlled my eating habit today. :D