Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bear Lake Brawl

Wow. I can't believe this race came and was finished so fast. Training bricks, swimming, biking and running along with all of the 4am wake up calls. Came down to this weekend and now its over. I almost don't even know how to put this experience into words. All I can say is it was my first triathlon and it most definitely will not be my last.
my cute sister made this sign!

Bear Lake is absolutely beautiful, I have been to bear lake many times and the one thing I was worried about was the swim. Bear lake is known for its clear, blue and COLD water. Not being able to take a trip down to test the water prior to the race it made me a little anxious. With my wetsuit on I stepped into the water on race day expecting to be a bit chilly. But it was perfect! The water wasn't even cold!  I was so happy I had so many friends doing this with me and cheering me on. We were ready. Not to mention super hot in those wet suits.
love these girls!!

My bestie! I love this lady, she is a gem! And a complete rock star!

The Swim

 It was exciting to have everyone on the beach countdown our wave. With a 1 minute warning I was ready to go. At the front of the pack.. Would I choose to do that again? No. It was a full out BRAWL. I was getting kicked, smacked and pushed. It was a little crazy. I had a moment where I started to panic. I threw all my training techniques out the window and just went for it. This I think slowed me down, once I separated myself from the pack I was able to catch my breath and engage my thoughts back into everything I had practiced. I stuck my face back in the water and started counting.. 1..2...3.. breathe. This helped me a TON and I felt myself refocus and back in the game.

The course was to swim around buoys that were set out in the water, the Olympic distance had to go around twice!! By the time I got back I just thought.. seriously.. I have to go around again!? Back through weeds I started swimming. In my head.. "Just one more loop. You can do it." <--- little pep talks to myself help me!
During my open water training I struggled with swimming in a straight line.. When I start to get tired I start breathing just on my right side.. then I find myself about 200m left of the course.  I did do 3 open water training's prior to race day but I wish I would of done more. Swimming in the lake VS the pool is a BIG difference!

The Bike

Getting out of the lake was the best thing ever.. One event done! I started taking off my wet suit on the way to my bike. I quickly took a drink of some Vita CoCo and a bite of a larabar. Off I went. This was my first actual race with my bike. I felt pretty good on the bike but was being passed by several people. I realized I need a better bike. Although my road bike is new, those that were hauling past me had some amazing tri bikes-- Specialized, cannondales etc. I had purchased my bike online without getting sized, I think I may need a bigger size bike due to my height.  So to those who want to compete spend the moolah on a good bike. I am happy with my time on the bike because it was exactly what I estimated.

The RUN:

Once I parked my bike I took off on the run. This is what I love. I LOVE RUNNING! I had trained this brick multiple times and felt ready for it. I was a nerd and forgot to take my helmet off but figured it out pretty quick.. and off I went. I was able to hold a 8:30 average pace. Running without music (headphones not allowed on the course) was a little tough for me. So I decided to just watch the next person in front of me and  my goal was to just pass them. -->my competitive edge really comes out in running. This worked amazingly...It just keeps my brain entertained.... I saw my sister with T&B, and several of my friends along the running course. Which gives you an extra boost to! Even cheers from other runners are amazingly helpful. I love throwing out and hearing "good job" and a few "whoop whoops" to those going through the same feelings as me. The heat was starting to beat down on us and it was rough. I felt great though.. my body was tired but knowing that I had the majority of the race behind me and that I was almost done was exciting.

At the end my sister was there with my babies and I couldn't of been more happy to finally be done. I had an amazing support team! Having all my friends and other GPP members that were out there cheering each other on through the course and on the side was amazing. I am so grateful for them and all their hard work and perseverance throughout race season, it honestly is remarkable.

This was an amazing race and was glad that I was part of it! I was so happy that my sister came down with me and cheered me on the whole way. Her sister in-law came along for the ride to and they were amazing! T & B had a fun time hanging out with them while mommy raced. I gave them a few kisses on my run and it made my day. Brent had to stay home for work and to get some hunting time in. I missed having him there but  he called me about mile 4 and I had a little pep chat with him mid race. ;) love him!

Here are my final results
Total time 3:07:46
Swim: 38:07
T1: 4:18
Bike: 1:29:58
T2: 2:13
Run: 53:08