Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Of My Favorite Things.


Our weekend went by quick. Saturday, I had the usual routine of teaching pump, completing house chores and playing with the fam. It rained ALL day. I don’t think it stopped until late at night. I can’t say I hated it because I really do LOVE thunderstorms.

Brent took Tanner to the Utah football game while Baylee and I chose to not sit out in the pouring rain for 6 hours and went and saw “Box Trolls” together instead.

Now, here are a few of my favorite things, either about the weekend and throughout my day so far today!

1. Family Hikes

By Sunday afternoon the rain cleared up and we took the kids for a hike and spent some time playing at the park. Going for these hikes on Sundays are one of my favorite things we do together.


{Quick MONDAY recap}

Yesterday, I had a pretty busy day of working and finishing up some last minute details on the nursery..in all honesty.. its pretty simple but I love it. I’ll get a post up soon!

I was able to get the GPP workout in yesterday that consisted of 120 burpees and a lot of Kettle Bell swings as well. Is it crazy for me to say that I really do miss doing real burpees?! Pregnancy burpees are rough!

2. Teaching

This morning, I taught a fun and packed boot camp class! I love teaching this class and really can’t believe I only have maaaybe 3 more to teach till baby comes! {10 more days!!! EEEEK!}

I love teaching and I am grateful to be involved at both of the gyms I work at and of course the people I get to hang with while doing so.

After, I spent 40 minutes on the Arc trainer, alternating through a few hard intervals with quick recoveries. It got my heart rate up and I was a sweaty mess by the end.

I had some errands to run so I snagged a protein shake from the juice bar in the gym to tide me over till lunch.

3. Reading

I used to read ALL the time. I was a major book room.

That all changed after having the twins and now if the book isn’t really good right from the start.. I can’t get into it and it takes me MONTHS, yes, MONTHS to finish it… Lately, I have been picking up a book here or there during some down time but have had a struggle getting into the book..

I snagged a new book while out  today. I know it is a movie right now.. but I heard the book was a page turner so here is hoping!

What is one of your favorite things today?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

{Currently} & Cardio Rush

Oh hey, I’m just over here still pregnant!

I haven’t posted for a few days.. I had a lot going on and have been a little slacker on here. ha!

So to catch you up I will give you a “currently” post to catch you up on what is going on around here.


Currently, I have been spending as much time as possible with these two.

Their days are limited as the only kids, so I want to cram in as much fun stuff as possible before  we will be spending the majority of time at home after the baby decides to come.

Currently, I have been eating as many fresh peaches that I buy from a local orchard. I also have been loving mixing vanilla greek yogurt with cottage cheese and grapes for a snack.

I haven’t strayed from my morning pumpkin oats for breakfast as of late and I feel like I haven’t had a whole lot of vegetables lately. Fruit > Veggies right now… So I have been trying to eat a big salad at least once a day.


My Current favorite form of cardio is the arc trainer. Although I will admit that I am the most ADD person on it. I literally have music, a book and a magazine to get through it. It is currently my favorite because it doesn’t make me feel like my baby is going to fall out for days afterward.. TMI?


I will sneak in a quick session while the twins are at preschool if I feel like it.

Mostly, I am sticking with GPP 5 days a weeks and a little bit of running here and there. You would think exercise would help this baby come a little sooner.. when in reality I believe it is having an adverse affect. Winking smileI should just stop moving and he or she will get bored and come already!

Currently, the twins have loved taking night rides on the four wheeler.

Currently, I am still teaching Body Pump and love that I still have been able to do so throughout my entire pregnancy. I had to take a picture of my class today because it may have been my last.

I have also been teaching boot camp a few times a week. Here is one of the workouts I had them do this week.

This workout will get your heart rate up quick and if you do it right, will keep it up the entire time! Let me know if you give it a go!

At night I have been winding down by watching Revenge! I watched season 1 FOREVER ago and was flipping through netflix the other day and found season 2.. now I am addicted again.

I tried to get into a book too, but the three I have tried to get into I have just given up on.. I NEED A GOOOOOD BOOK. 

Any suggestions?


Question of the day:

Give me something your “currently” into right now?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Three Healthy Meals

Last night Brent and I both had the nights off of work and such, which is rare.. so we took full advantage and took the kids for a little walk/run for some.. up City Creek Canyon in SLC. I love being outside with my little family. We had fun finding waterfalls, wild flowers and squirrel homes.


The weather ended up being the perfect temperature in the canyon and the leaves are all starting to change. Which is one of my favorite things about fall.

I love these two and can’t believe I’m going to have THREE kids soon.. eek.



Since today is actually the first day of fall I found it perfect to make a giant bowl of Protein Pumpkin Oatmeal.



I had a pretty laid back morning of hanging out with the kids and reading my book. This whole pregnancy thing may be catching up with me. Winking smile 


Today lunch was actually another one of my favorite breakfast. I had two pieces of holey ezekiel bread with coconut oil,  2 whole eggs and two egg whites with spinach and a side of a ton of strawberries. I snacked on them straight from the container while my eggs were cooking. Strawberries are one fruit I know I could eat forever.



My workout today consisted of part of the GPP workout that focused on abs and triceps today. I obviously skipped the ab part and really worked hard on the triceps. I definitely felt the burn and know I will be sore tomorrow. I also jumped on the spin bike for a bit at the end.  Brent was home with the kids ,so I headed to the other gym I work at and spent 30 more minutes on the Arc Trainer.


Those who can’t run, read about running. right? This recent issue of Running kept me occupied.  I sure wish I could hit the trails right now but I’m a little more anxious about this sweet babe coming in the next 2 weeks!

I am starting to really like the arc trainer. I play with the incline and resistance a lot and watched Ellen and read a magazine.. Can you tell I’m a little ADD and have to be kept busy so I don’t get bored?

I will post an Arc Trainer workout for you all soon!


For dinner I ate my fair share of green grapes while my halibut and asparagus was cooking. I cooked my halibut in a tablespoon of coconut oil and seasoned it with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Onion.

It was perfection.


I actually took pictures of 3 main meals today. Surprised?  I was. Ha!

I also had several snacks in between.. Peaches (amazing!) with cottage cheese, protein shake, cucumbers and hummus and a couple of gummy worms. I am convinced Black Forest Gummy Worms are the best.. and fyi they are not sold at target..

Questions of the Day:

Do you multi task to keep your mind off the boredom of a Treadmill/elliptical/stair climber etc?

What did you have for 3 meals today?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Third Trimester{so far} & Maternity Pictures

This weekend my sister took a few pictures of my pregnant self.

I didn’t get maternity pictures with the twins. {regret} this time around I wanted some classic photos taken. My sister did an amazing job and I’m glad she has recently gotten into this whole photography thing.

These are just a few that she sent me, I can’t wait to see the rest.



Here is my third trimester update. I am currently 37 weeks and 5 days. I have never been pregnant this long… I’m ready to get things rolling but I feel blessed to be where I am right now. I feel good and I know this babe will come on its own time. Well.. that is until October 10th then he/she is being evicted.


No Idea. Brent, Tanner and I all guess boy! Baylee is of course going all girl on it.

Belly Button?

Gone. Really, it is.



Stretch Marks?

I have little tiny white ones around my non-existent belly button. I had them with the twins and they faded so I am hopeful that these do the same.

Maternity Clothes?

Nope. I haven’t had to wear or buy any maternity clothes this pregnancy. I probably could of and not of stretched out the majority of my t shirts and tanks.. I am however looking forward to buying new clothes afterwards. Winking smile



Yes, Baby is active throughout the majority of the day now. Pokes and pushes out mostly at night while I’m laying on my left side.

Weight Gain?

At my last Doctor appointment I had gained 7pounds so far this pregnancy! However, I did gain 20 lbs.. yes 20.. before I found out I was pregnant, thanks to clomid and all that infertility fun. Funny thing, I weigh the same as I did when I was pregnant with the twins at the same time. Go figure.. I guess if your body has done this once.. its going to do the same thing.


  • FATIGUE. I sort of feel like I’m back in my first trimester. I need a nap almost everyday but I am lucky if I get the chance.
  • Groin pressure? Is that a symptom? I did a run on Friday and have major pressure down there..


My cravings have been subtle this pregnancy. Lately, I have been leaning more towards carbs than anything else. Today I did however pick up some random items post an hour cardio session.


Gummy worms and chocolate milk.

Black forest gummy worms are the best. Its made with “real fruit juice” so its practically a fruit right?


I am still working out daily. Even if I’m tired I get through it. Some days I really just don’t want to lift one more pound than what I am carrying so I opt for some light cardio on the arc trainer or spin bike.

Or walking out with the family.

The leaves are starting to change in a few areas and it is my favorite time of year to be out on the trails.

I am loving this pregnancy and I am excite d to just meet this babe.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Clomid Experience #2


I want to preface this post by saying that this is just what I experienced while taking clomid, why I had to take it, my feelings and thoughts towards it and my results with clomid. Each person is different and has a different experience with this drug. It is up to you and your doctor to decide if clomid is right for you.

I had to take Clomid to assist with getting pregnant with both of my pregnancies. You can read about my first experience here.

When Brent and I decided to start trying to get pregnant again the twins had turned 3 years old. At this time I had never had a normal period. I thought I would turn into a normal woman when I quit breastfeeding the twins but that never happened. I never had a regular period for years so I knew I would probably have to repeat the same thing from the first time.

I made an appointment with my doctor and he gave me provera and clomid. The provera induced a period for me this time and I started taking 50mg of clomid on day 3 of that first period.

We had no luck. Each month, we I had my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels and to see if I ovulated. After several months I finally ovulated at 100mg. By this point I had gained about 15 pounds over those months.  I had also started having my own periods, right on schedule. I was also frustrated and sad that I hadn’t had a positive pregnancy test like I am sure many women go through while trying to conceive.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and being blessed with another child was on gods time and not mine. I tried to be patient..

My doctor upped my dose to 150 mg and recommended an IUI.

I stayed at that dose with an IUI for 3 months. I had one miscarriage (early) after the 2nd IUI.

After our 6 year anniversary weekend getaway, I was nervous to take the test and I didn’t want another negative on my mind while celebrating 6 years of marriage with Brent. We both deserved to just enjoy the weekend together. I took the pregnancy test when we got home and BAM it was a positive.

I was nervous or excited to go in at 10 weeks to find out if it was twins again this time.. I was on a higher dose of clomid plus an IUI.. so I was anxious to find out.

We went in and found out there was just ONE! I feel completely blessed to have one baby. For those of you who think you always get twins on clomid.. you don’t. I was even on a higher dose this time for a longer period of time and had one.


Side Effects:

I had the same side effects as the first time.

I had gained about 28 pounds this time…

I had cramping and bloating.

I felt pregnant even when I wasn’t

I was a bit more depressed/mood swings this time around. Or people told me I seemed different.. 

Clomid doesn’t work for everyone. It also doesn’t always work right away and can take time. I don’t think anyone trying to get pregnant thinks they can “just relax” and it will happen. My body needs the added hormones to get pregnant. I personally don’t mind clomid. If I get the result at the end it makes all the side effects, poking, prodding, timing everything, etc..  worth it in the end.

My Clomid Experience #1


I want to preface this post by saying that this is just what I experienced while taking clomid, why I had to take it, my feelings and thoughts towards it and my results with clomid. Each person is different and has a different experience with this drug. It is up to you and your doctor to decide if clomid is right for you.

I had to take clomid for BOTH of my pregnancies and this post is about when I got pregnant with the twins. 4 years ago… My clomid experience #2 will be coming soon.

My experience with clomid started back before the twins were born. When Brent and I first decided we wanted to get pregnant we tried to get pregnant for several months before I went to my OB/GYN. I knew I would probably have a hard time getting pregnant because I did not ovulate regulary. and by that I mean I did not have a period at all. In fact, I hadn’t had a period since my mother passed away in 2005 and we started trying to get pregnant in 2009. (That is a different story, I may do in a different post.)

Anyway, when I went to the doctor we had a very in depth conversation about it all and I  was diognosed with secondary amenorrhoea and walked away with a prescription for a drug called provera. Which is a drug that consist of estrogen. It was supposed to trick my body into having a period. I took provera for a few months but no period ever came.

I was then put on a birth control to see if that would regulate me. It did! I had my first period with it and started on 50mg of clomid that cycle.

I continued taking clomid each month for 4 months.  In that time, I shortened my time working out, taught less, and took more rest days. My prescription went up to 100 mg the last two months. In October, I was on my way to the gym and was involved in a car accident. I was getting off the freeway and was T-boned by a truck going 40 mph. He hit my car on the driver side door and I spun into on coming traffic. 

My car was totaled and I walked away with a few bruises. If I would have been pregnant, that story may of turned out differently. Then the next month I finally got the phone call that I was pregnant! I didn’t find out it was twins until I was 10 weeks along!


This ultrasound is from my 20 week sonogram.

Side effects:

I did experience a few side effects from clomid.

I did gain weight. About 10 lbs total from my first prescription.

I was really moody.

I felt pregnant, when I wasn’t.

I had cramping and bloating.

I got pregnant.

Yes, I had twins and people ask me all the time if my twins were a side effect of the clomid. Clomid does raise your chance of multiples but only by a small percentage. My grandmother on the maternal side had a boy/girl twin as well.

Does clomid guarantee twins? In short.. Nope.

In my experience with clomid #2 will give a little more explanation.

That last month I was also introduced by a friend to Pre-seed. If you are trying to get pregnant give this lubricate a try. *Check with your doctor first, of course.

Clomid Experience #2 Coming soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Going Back In Time

I am pretty excited about fall coming! Even though Utah weather decided to take a turn back to summer this last week, I pulled out a few fall decorations anyway.


I can’t believe how warm it is lately. I feel like it is July all over again! I am a total summer girl at heart but something about being pregnant makes me really crave the fall! Must be that whole 3 weeks away from delivery talkin’ Winking smile



Yesterday, I did the GPP workout that consisted of lunge switches, squat to box jumps -> which I modified to box switches, Power cleans and running! I lowered the weight recommended to #45 for the cleans but was able to run all the runs! I was dripping after, which always feels good. Lately all my workouts haven’t been as intense and sweaty so it felt good to do a workout that made me look like a complete hot mess afterwards!

Yesterday, I also got a bit of pampering in by getting my hair done one last time before this baby comes!

I added a bit more blonde throughout! I have had an ombre for the last year or so so its refreshing to bring it back up to the top a bit.

Tanner had gymnastics yesterday and Bee and I ran some errands while he was in class.

Going Back In Time

As I was browsing the internet yesterday I stumbled upon a Buzz feed Article called 25 ways to tell you’re a kid of the 90’s. I laughed a bit through the article. I can totally relate to the majority of them but especially,   #1, 11, 12, and 14!

I would also add Chinese jump ropes, pogs and Scented Markers!

Source, source

I don’t think I had one recess in elementary that didn’t consist of one of those! We got pretty serious about our pogs too!!

I bet I can still whip out a pretty mean game of chinese jump rope too! “In, out, on, off, diamond…”

mr sketch geeks and cleats


I probably did 84.232% of my homework I these markers!! The black licorice was my favorite!!

Question of the day:

What do you remember playing with when you were a kid?

Anyone actually have fall weather?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Family Hunt

This morning I woke up and instantly went to the kitchen and whipped up some pumpkin protein oatmeal.


I had a busy morning of work so I added extra carbs and protein to power me through the morning.

At GPP yesterday we did a workout called “run the rack.” It is a body building type workout where you start with the lowest weight of dumb bells and do “X” amount of reps and go right to the next weight. You continue to go up in weight until you hit failure. It was surprising to me how fast my muscles fatigued. It left me with a bit of DOMS today. Especially my legs from front squats!

I have a new favorite lunch lately..

I have always loved asparagus but it is so pricey to buy in the produce section, as I was browsing the frozen section I found frozen asparagus in a steamable bag!

It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that!

Last night, Brent took us all hunting with him! We went up a canyon that is close to our home with the kids in hope to spot a buck. The first canyon we found a ton of doe and the second place we went to we spotted a buck that Brent ended up going after but it was spooked by some hikers that were coming down a close by trail.

It was fun to get out and hike around for a bit with the family.

Tanner especially looks forward to hunting with dad. He even whispers the whole time cause he doesn’t want to scare the deer.

My camo shirt doesn’t do much for making my belly blend in, does it? Ha!

It was such a fun night together, besides my car sickness.. lingering pregnancy symptom I suppose. I love any excuse to get out and enjoy some time in the mountains!

It is starting to get that crisp fall feeling up there! I am so excited for the cooler weather lately. I am looking forward to cozy sweaters I’ll fit in and of course mid day walks with out sweating my guts out.

Questions of the day?

What is your favorite season?

You’d you rather spend the majority of your time at the beach, mountains or the city?