Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinterest the drug.

Hey everyone!! Sorry for the lack of updates on time. My computer will not.. I repeat.. will not SAVE anymore pictures!! But we got the new one in the mail yesterday and my handsome tech savvy husband is getting it blog ready! You know.. like having the internet and such! So without pictures of my meals recently.. and there has been some GOOD ones.. and I can't update the relay race because of this little flaw..Today I'm going to talk about PINTEREST!
Have you heard about it yet!! If not.. now you have! I love it!! Of course its another social networking thing but hey.. myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus.. weren't enough.
I love pinterest because I' am able to surf the internet and pin pictures/ideas that I love to a certain board in my profile.
WARNING: Pinterest is highly addictive, You may get the urge to bake, craft, spend lots of money and redecorate...I find it a little overwhelming sometimes because its a smorgasborg of creativity and I'm always wanting to cook different meals, make something old into something new, repaint my room.. etc. Although, I'm too busy like this every day..

Somehow.. I always go back for more!

Pinterest works like this.

You create your profile, create your boards/categories such as recipes, my style, for the home etc.
Surf the internet and save something you like to that board. Its perfect for saving a recipe/craft/workout that you don't have time to copy down or print off!

and of course.." there is an app for that."

Here are some of the things I have pinned!!





Q. Do you have pinterest already?
let's be friends;)


  1. I love Pintrest! Yes we should be friends- It is one more thing I am addicited to!

  2. I love Pinterest! I've gotten many of my friends addicted to it too. My profile can be found at:

  3. I love pinterest! It's the greatest!!

  4. I haven't tried to use this but hopefully I could start building my profile using this Pinterest. :D