Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A triathlon.. Why not?

So I have somewhat been training for my first triathlon.

If you know me.. You know I'm always up for a challenge. So, without hesitation, I signed up to do the half ironman. Yes, for my first triathlon ever..
Oh, I'm a genius. I thought, well- I have done several half marathons... how hard would it be to swim and bike too? Click...registered.
Then one day, I got in the water and realized I am a cat and can't swim. What is a swim cap? You don't wear a bikini?  And where can I get some goggles that don't make me look goofy? (just not possible.)

The next day I got a bike. When it came, I realized I have no idea what gear is what and you have to click your shoes in and be talented enough to get them out before stopping.. and this is coming from a girl who cannot drive a stick shift vehicle.. oh, and those padded butt shorts.. get those.

Back up Candice. Lets get real.

With pride and confidence I withdrew from the half ironman distance..

The olympic distance sounds a little better. Click, phone call, click, click, click.
1500 yard swim, 24 mile bike and a 10 K. Now that I can handle.

I worked with my trainer, and went swimming... I can now say I'm no longer a cat.. besides the fact that it takes me a minute to get in the water.

I can ride my bike.. My outfit matches it so I feel pretty good about it. (Don't ask about falling)

Running? Well, THAT is what I LOVE and will be a piece of cake...

Then I went swimming.. then biking.. Not to bad..I was wet and I was cold. NOT a good combo.
The next day I biked 20 miles and decided to run 3. My legs were noodles.. Running was HARD.
Lucky enough to tag along with my friend Nikki! She is amazing!

This was last night folks... My tri is in less than two weeks.. There is no backing out now.

My goal is to finish. To cross the finish line.

I'm probably not going to come in first. I'm not even going to worry about time. (Well, kinda.. there is a cutoff.)

This is something I want to do, simply a goal I want to achieve.

To push yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way you will change, the only way you will know that your body is stronger then you think. 

Is it going to be hard?
Heck, yes.

Will I give up. No. 

Giving up is not an option. I won't let it. NO matter your goal. Don't. give. up.

Just tri!! 

 Q. Have you ever just signed up with something just because you thought.. Why not?
Who I am kidding.. this is what I say when I register for ANY race... 

Q. Triathlons usually go in the order.. swim, bike, run.. What order would you put it in?
Having the swim first just doesn't make sense to me.. the race starts at 7 am.. I'm going to suffer hypothermia diving in before the sun. Then your all wet on your bike... wet+wind=cold. Maybe, I won't even break a sweat ;) I want it to go backwards.. run. bike then swim!! It just makes sense!!


  1. Wow! Way to take it on!! I know you can totally do it! Having the run at the end always sounds so tough to me!!!

  2. I sign up for everything with a why not attitude. My brother went from couch potato to triatlon. He did it for a column he wrote. Here's a link to some of the articles Be sure to read his last one, so funny!

  3. THAT'S AWESOME! I've always thought about signing up for a triathlon but never have... I love to swim, bike, and run, but I'm not sure that I could do them all together, in the same event... I think, rather, I know, my legs would be noodles like you said! Maybe a sprint triathlon would be where I could start ;)

  4. You are amazing,and you will amaze yourself!

  5. Candice - Even Olympic distance for your first one is a lot but you are going to do great. Every event I've signed up for has been freaky for me but I've finished every one - even if I'm slow. If you want to do a reverse, you should sign up for the Bountiful Tri next year (at SDRC). I actually love it because I'm fresher on the run and the swim feels great after the bike ride! See you Saturday! Suz

  6. Thanks everyone for sweet comments! & the push! I know I'll be needing it next weekend! @lifesabowl, Ill check it out! Thanks!

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