Sunday, July 31, 2011

..6 years..

Hey friends! Hope your all having a relaxing Sunday! It's been pretty chill around here.
First I'll recap the weekend cause its been fun!
On Friday, I took the twins to the pool for yet another attempt to get them to like it! We had a little luck.. T actually sat IN the pool. (this is big deal.)

B on the other hand..
"get me away from the water!!"

We met up with my friend Jacquelyn who has the most adorable little girl! T's future wife.
They had fun and B warmed up a little bit..
Saturday, I taught Pump in the am and headed out afterwards to do a 7 mile training run. I strapped on the garmin, tied up my shoes, took two steps and decided I didn't want to run.. WHO am I? I know... but hey, it was just one of those days.. I had no desire to run, no drive, no motivation.  I could of done it, nothing was stopping me. Besides myself. I actually fought with myself in my head for awhile to just get it done. But that is exactly what I would of done- fight. It would of been the longest 7 miles of my life and I prefer to run when I want to not just when I should.  Maybe, it was the fact I was just excited to get to the lake.. either way, my body was not craving the run.
I headed home because we had to get to the lake for the GPP beach party.
We even got a little boating in. Wakeboarding > Running. The water was super choppy! So today, I kind of feel like I ran a marathon yesterday.. Does that count toward my TRI training that just happens to be in 27 days?

"I just got used to the pool.. NOT the lake!"

Today Brent woke up not feeling so well, :( sick hubby's are no fun.
I got up and started got some things done around the house before the twins woke up. Feeling accomplished I turned on the new Body Attack release to learn it. It's so fun and I can't wait to teach it!

Breakfast went undocumented.. but it was a banana with almond butter and handful of this and handful of that and a half of this...3 boiled eggs.  seriously random. Lunch was worthy though.
{Salad beast of all salad beast.}
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Red Peppers 
  • Chicken

I was indecisive on my dressing.. so I just rolled with them all..
a little olive oil, a little (last of) TJ's Raspberry Vinaigrette and some mustard! Not just any mustard & passion fruit habanero mustard 

Mustard lovah!

We picked up this perfect mustard while we were in Hawaii! It is so good! The habanero part scared me off a little since I am not a fan of spiiiiiiiicy things. But after a little sample it proved to be worth the purchase! This mustard has a happy medium, spicy yet sweet. I love it! I have been using it on top of my grilled chicken and even my veggies! 

Today actually marks 6 years since my mother passed away

                   I love you mom!

 Reflecting on her passing kind of just puts me in a funk all day. Hence my handful of this and that kind of day. Whenever this day passes I tend to really reflect on her and her memory. It has been 6 years but yet it feels as if it was yesterday. My mother was the most giving, kindest, and beautiful mother I knew. I strive to be a great example to those around me as she was.
She passed away on July 31, 2005 due to health complications. Every year at 5pm we meet up at her graveside to show our respect. As hard as it is to visit her, this time the babies made me smile.

Hi Grandma!

I promise this week will good one! I am completely recommiting to my diet, training, and having a good time with these two munchkins along the way.
I have my meal plan, & new recipes to blog! One is in progress on its way to perfection.

I haven't really decided whats for dinner yet.. but with Brent being sick and me in my little funk, I think I'll just make a chocolaty shake, with a side of dark chocolate chips and probably a couple more.. (Chocolate makes things better!) I told you- I recommit tomorrow:) Sometimes a girl just needs her mom & when you can't have that, chocolate works wonders. ;)

Q. How do you get out of your funk?
Whether it be in fitness or emotionally I just take a step back and take time to re-focus! I make a plan, and I roll with the punches.

Q. Have you ever just stop running because you simply didn't feel like it?
Usually, I can get over it if I just start running. My mind was telling me to go for it but some days you just have to listen to your body.