Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Veggie Of The Week

Tuesdays are usually pretty busy for us around here but with spring break, no school or dance/gymnastics and the fact it was my off week from teaching body pump, it was a pretty laid back day.
I worked this morning at GPP and did the workout. 
You guys want to know a secret?!

I can't do a strict chinup. 

Nope. Not to save my life. 
Kip, sure. 
Dead lift #275, yep
Power clean, back squat, all over #150 but I can't pull myself up. 
I blame my long limbs but mostly I'm a wimp? 


I also got a bike ride
and 5 tempo run in. My tempo run was supposed to be 7 but ran out if time and ended up doing 1 easy, 3 @ 7:15 and last mile easy. 
I came home made a quick dinner for Baylee and did a craft with her since the boys had a night out. 
Asparagus is my veggie of the week. Too save on grocery money I try and just buy one veggie for the week. It's boring but it works.. I used to buy all the fresh veggies in the world but more than 80% of them went bad before I could get to them. So if you have the same problem, just buy one fresh veggie and eat it all week. 
I also have frozen veggies so if I need a little more variety than I'll whip some of those up but this little strategy has helped a ton!

Roen hung out with Baylee and I too.
That smile gets me everytime. 
What is your goal this week?

What is your favorite veggie?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend recap and stitches

Hey guys!
Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 
Note: I am blogging from my cell phone because I'm having internet issues yet again.. We have had so many problems with our internet service I am planning on canceling it and finding another. 

Anyway, back to blogging! 

Weekend re cap! 

We spent the weekend up at our cabin with a few of my siblings and we had a great time shooting guns, playing on the carpet slide and hiking around the pond. 

The kids even met the Easter bunny. 

The twins have been so excited to color Easter eggs and have a egg hunt that we decided to have one with just the two of them. Yes, they are spoiled.. 

It was roens first trip to the cabin and he loved it up there. 

We drove back late last night. 
Self sanity tip: If you have kids.. Drive at night! My kids are good little car sleepers and slept the entire way home! It was much more relaxing and I didn't feel like selling them when we got home! ;) 

This morning I had off of work since I wasn't actually planning on getting back from our trip till later today. But I made my way into the gym to get this workout done.

I pushed Roen in the stroller for 4 out of the 6 800m runs and did presses instead of flies. 
I also did the extra for the day with the #75 and I had a serious sweat going on. I almost feel like I should of cleaned up the floor.. Ha! 
Afterwards I decided last minute to be a "fun mom" withy my sister and take our kids up to the zoo! We have passes and we love going. This was another first for Roen. He wasn't too intrigued by the whole thing but he got to meet a baby ape that was about the same age as him! 
We all had seeing how we sized up next 

Yep. I have long arms. It's a known fact that I have always had the nickname "monkey arms" for a reason. 
After the zoo, I had an appointment at the doctor office to have my cyst on the back of my arm removed..
That was interesting. 

Wow. That looks extra gross. 
I'll have these stitches for about a week! I had what's called a sabaceous cyst. It is caused by swelling around hair follicles. 
Or something like that. 
To have it removed my doctor numbed it with a locol anesthetic, which hurt a bit..  and used a blade to cut it and remove the cyst "sac."
It was disgusting but kind of fun to see. 
I'm one of those weird people that like popping zits and watching crazy medical procedures. 
He stitched it up and I was out the door quickly. I took some ibu earlier tonight for a little bit of pain. Overall, it was a simple procedure. 

Baylee wanted to make a cake after to surprise Brent so we did just that.

I'm just so dang domestic..

Bundt cake #fail. 

I decided to do something I am good at and the kids and I went out on a night ride before the sun went down.

Oh how I love my new bike! 
I have a ride planned tomorrow night and can't wait! I still have to get my aero bars put on it.. 

Time to hit the hay! 
Catch you all tomorrow. 

Any spring break plans?

Tell me something about yor weekend! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Workout Wednesday On A Friday

Major Blogger Fail this week you guys.

I’m sorry! Thanks for sticking around though! It has been such a crazy few weeks, and I have had a few computer issues. Seriously.. blogging would be so easy if my electronics worked the right way every time..

Anyway, here is a little update of what you have missed out on this week.

My breakfast all week has been oatmeal! I can’t get enough of these warm oats with the birthday cake Iso-100 in the mix and topped with berries.

It was crazy hair day at school on Wednesday for the kids and we had a little fun getting cahrazzy.


I have loved a few of the GPP workouts this week, including this new one that we tackled on Wednesday.


It’s been a while since I have power cleaned heavy. Since having Roen I have had a hard time getting back into a lifting groove. My hips have been achy and my technique could use a refresher course. But it felt good to get under that bar!

Here is a fun workout I did with my boot camp class. You only need 2 dumbbells to do! Have fun with this one!

It will leave you a pretty hot mess.


I have been loving spaghetti squash lately! It is so easy to whip up and my kids love it just as much.

I put a squash in the oven for about 40 minutes ( Depending on the size of it) then cook up my lean ground turkey in a skillet, add the sauce.

When the squash is done, cut it in half and scrap out the guts. Then dump the meat on top.

So simple!

So I have this awesome cyst on the back of my arm.. I got it when I was pregnant with Roen and just haven’t done anything about it. It has started to bug me and is getting bigger..so I made an appointment to get it looked at. I’ll let you know how it goes! Has anyone had one of these before?

On the bright side, we are heading up to our family cabin for the weekend and I am so excited because it may be my favorite place on earth. It will also be Roens first time up there!

It is still winter up there so not much for a “spring break” but we always have a good time up there.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Words Per Picture

Oh a Tuesday! Here we go… It was a good day! I had the night off (First time in awhile!) So I actually spent some time cleaning and organizing the house that was much needed.. It feels so good to have everything in its place!

Two words per picture. Think I can do it? Lets try.

Tempo Run.


Post Workout


Rocksbox Necklace


Side note: You can get your own Rocksbox (3 pieces of jewelry)! For FREE with the code: Hungrymotherrunnerxoxo

Sitting up!


Catch you tomorrow for Workout Wednesday!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Re-cap + Costco tip

Happy Monday!
I kind of fell out of the internet world come Thursday, which than led through the weekend due to an family emergency situation. I’m not going to go into detail of the situation quite yet, but everyone is safe and we are good now.
The weekend was overall pretty good! Starting off Friday, I got my *almooost 10 mile run in, but had to break it into two different runs because I had run out of time in the morning, so had to finish it on the tm at home while Baylee and Tanner were at preschool.
Friday night we spent some time at home together and played on the tramp had a great dinner and Brent and I spent the night laughing while watching Friends on Netflix.
Saturday, started with a bang with a Body pump class. We taught most of the new release and I spent 45 minutes on the spin bike because my bike is having a chain skipping issue so I didn’t get the chance to get outside on it.. 
Afterwards, I came home and took a shower, got some cleaning done around the house and then took this little babe out on a date to go see Cinderella. My Step MIL and niece came as well and we had fun time and LOVED the movie! Although, the actress who played Cinderella.. her eyebrows through me off a bit. haha! But overall, we thought the movie was great!

On Sunday we slept in and made a pancake breakfast, I headed out for a quick 3 mile run and was so happy I did because the weather was amazing!

Don’t mind my amazing hair.. I had it in a top knot and was driving me nuts while running so I pulled it down. But that elbow sweat..
It is amazing what I little time outside can do for your mood! I have to admit that running endorphins are addicting!
I took the kids fishing at a local pond and they had a blast. We didn’t catch anything, but had fun feeding the geese and the ducks.

We came home and whipped out a quick meal.
Chicken, Quinoa and Asparagus.
My new favorite Costco find lately is this microwaveable Quinoa! I love quinoa. It is a complete protein and has many other health benefits but it can be a pain to make with the rinsing, and boiling and stirring.. What if you could just put it in the microwave and have it in a dish 3 minutes later?
YES please.
It is great. Get it. Eat it. Love it.
Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!
Mondays are always busy so I’ll try to pop in again later tonight!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Workout Wednesday: GET OUTSIDE


Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a happy St. Paddy’s Day! I was mother of the year and procrastinated the whole “pot of gold” thing.. So we kept it simple around here with a plate of green cookies, dye in the milk and toilets. Nothing exciting, and I’m going to keep it that way. Pinterest/social media has kind of blown simple holidays out of control.. yes? no? Not sure, but… last time I checked the leprachan looks nothing like Santa Clause.

Moving on.


Okay, here is the thing.

We workout IN the gym. We workout hard inside, lifting weights, boot camp, elliptical, stair climber, treadmill, etc.

Remember, we only do so we can be!

GET OUTSIDE! The weather has been just fabulous the last week and should continue! Brent and I were able to have my niece watch our kiddos for a couple hours so we could sneak away and get up in the mountains! We hiked for an hour and gained elevation quickly and I must say that my booty is SORE today! Natures stair climber.

We found a whole herd of deer and had fun following them up the mountain. Besides, higher you get the better the view!

So for your workout today. GET OUTSIDE!


I didn’t get a pic of all my kids dressed in their green… it was bit of crazy day yesterday but here is a picture of one of my favorites


Have a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Body Attack 87

Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Friday was pretty laid back and we just hung out at home and played outside since Brent got home late from work. Saturday was busy, starting with pump in the morning, a run, a baby shower then I headed out to a bikini competition. My sister competed in her first NPC competition this weekend. She did awesome for her first one, and I’m excited that she is working on her goals.

I didn’t get a chance to post my training on Sunday so here is last week in review

Monday- GPP, Body Attack

Tuesday- 6x800 @3:34 with 90 Sec. Rest., Body Pump

Wednesday- GPP, Tempo Run- 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ 8:40, 1 mile easy, on TM

Thursday- GPP, Boot camp

Friday 7 mile run (Was supposed to be 10, ran out of time). GPP

Saturday- Body Pump 4 mile hill run.

Body Attack 87

We launched Body Attack 87 this Monday, we are a little behind since 88 just was released.. 87 was a killer release! There are a few different things going on throughout the release due to a new format.  I’m going to do a review through each track.

1. Warm up- Do you want me

This track is meant to warm up the body before tackling the rest of the tracks and it does just that! The step repeaters turn into backward stepping lunges than go back to repeaters, lots of running forward and back and even some squats and mountain climbers. I used to really not love going to the floor on the warm up track but it has been like this the last few releases so now I’m used to it and love it. The mountain climbers really warm up the core, shoulders and the hips.

2. Mixed Impact- Fancy

I taught this one and it may of taken me watching it a few times to get the hang of the ending. I love this song and there it is track that you can play in a little and just relax and have fun. There is a new move in this track which is the side step and you pull your hands around and pull them to your hips. It kind of reminds me of the “Carlton.”

3. Aerobic- Warrior

I like this song and there are a ton of jumping jacks that drop into a drop squat which is fun to have so many level changes. It also has some direction change, watch out for that. Just have fun with this track!

4. Plyometric- Weekend 2014

I loved this track! It is a tricky one to cue because we split the room into two groups and one group does high knees and the other does skaters. power 3 step run, or plyometric lunges. It made the track go by quick and it got our heart rates up fast! It did remind me of Grit a lot, if you have ever taken any of those classes you may too.

5. Athletic Strength- Loco

This is where the programming has changed a bit. In past releases it has been a mix of chest or tricep pushups and usually some planks thrown in. In this release you get all of that, plus some leg work. Track 10 that used to be a leg track (squats, lunges) is now a core track. I did like the track but I LOVED the leg tracks so I’m kind of bummed there won’t be anymore tracks like that. Also this track is 6:14 Long. It is a good track but I didn’t get that suffer fest in my shoulders like you usually get in past releases. (Actually, that may be a good thing..) Ha! I’ll say it just didn’t seem as physically or mentally hard.

6. Running- Good Vibrations

This is a great flash back song. I personally love the running track because it gives me a chance to relax and play around with the members. You start off by running in a circle clockwise and then it slows down and you do more backward stepping lunges. The new move in this track is the step sprinters knee. It is a fun new movement. I did feel like it was kind of all over the place though. Running around, lunging, running in and out (just 1x) then back to lunges, then having to hold the lunge backwards, Etc. All the holds I feel that they messed with the flow of the track. To much stop and go. The song is fun and the booty burn was a good bonus.

7. Agility- Make it bounce

My calves, my calves are on fire!! That was my first thought.. This track is fun and bouncy! You split the room into two groups and face the middle. There are some level changes. You will sprint forward and then run back and immediently drop down into a plank and then back up quick so be ready for that. You also have double jump with a twist and some snow boarder jumps.. Like I said.. Your calves…

8. Interval- Shine your light

Nothing new in this track. Side flicks, kicks, and running forward and back. I had fun with this one, pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Fun song and great beat.

9. Power- Rock the party

Burpees + a tuck jump in any track is ROUGH! I loved this track it was a perfect way to wrap up the cardio!  So hard and so fun.  There is a few side jump with a straight jump in this track and I’m not a fan of that movement. It is a great power movement but my arches usually hurt and lets face the fact that I have birthed 3 children soooo for some awkward reason that moves makes me pee. TMI? Sorry.. Its just the facts. Overall it’s a great track.

10. Core- When it ends it starts again.

Like I said above with track 5. I miss the leg track.. This core track is 6 minutes long and it involves planks, side planks, cross crawl (aka bicycle crunches) and a new move called sky diver. I like how this track hits the core at all sides. You get front, obliques, static plank holds front and side and back extensions. I wasn’t a fan of this song. It is slow and reminds me of a cool down song. I would prefer a song with more of an up beat and maybe adds some hip taps while you hold the side plank. It has a bit of plank holds, but changes every 32 counts so you can push yourself to hold it in the up position without breaking.

11. Cool down.

Good song, straight forward. Stretch and relax! Your Done!

If you haven’t tried Body Attack, find your nearest class and get to it! It is one of my favorite programs to teach and will leave you dripping in sweat!! I love this class as a cross training in my running training! It has an athletic feel and you feel great afterward!

** Sorry no pics right now.. my computer isn’t syncing with my phone cord! Boo!! I will have to figure it out sometime tmrw! Sorry y’all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Workout Wednesday

Hey y’all.

Hope you all had a fabulous day!

This morning I headed to GPP to work and got my workout in after my classes. We did this original GPP workout with a twist.

Source—> Get on this site and check it out. Sign up and get the daily workouts. The programming is top notch, and you will not regret it.

It is one of my favorite workouts at GPP. It actually doesn’t seem too bad while your doing it.. Then it will hit you.. LIKE A BRICK. Give it a try and tell me how you feel.

Actually maybe do half of it and tell me.. I want you to still like me later.

It was a pretty busy day afterward. I snuck in a 5 mile run among the chaos but got the twins to preschool, had some lunch with a few of my favorite girls- I love my girl time! Picked kids up, home for a quick snack, Ran 5 miles while kids were watching a “Elf” while I ran. I love that movie so it was entertaining while I ran. My ancient treadmill is in my kids play room so they play and dance and watch shows and I run and talk to them. It’s honestly quite stressful… But better than a triple stroller run. Right?!

After we got tanner to gymnastics, picked up my brother and we headed to my other brothers baseball game.


Half way through we headed back home for a nap for Roen, Dinner, swept and mopped, fed Roen, laundry, sight word practice, and baths.. now I’m getting a little R&R bloggin.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nutrition for Nursing Moms

Happy Tuesday!

I’m dealing with a bit of mastitis right now.. (boo!) but am on a antibiotic and on the upswing… (I hope!) I’ve never had it before but yesterday afternoon I broke into a big time fever and chills. SOOO what I thought was just a plugged duct turned into full blown mastitis.. ouch. Word to all you mothers who have had to deal with this before..

Besides boob talk today, lets chat about nutrition for nursing mommas!

I want to preface this post by saying that I am still nursing Roen, and he is 5 months old TODAY! This is the longest I have ever nursed! With the twins I lost my milk around 4 months, with the stress of nursing two babies and the time it took to feed both of them was a little bit much for me at that time. This time around I have decided I want to nurse as long as possible. I don’t produce enough milk for him. Never have, never will. I take fenugreek, drink mothers milk, brewers yeast etc. It is something that I have accepted and I am perfectly happy supplementing after nursing as well. I believe that some moms can produce more than others and that is just all there is to it.  So no guilt trips, no you shouldas or couldas its how my body is so don’t should on me k?  Ha! Everyone is different and has different experiences with nursing. Be proud of the mother you are and don’t ever feel guilty about things that you can’t control.

Now, lets chat about nutrition because that is something you CAN control. No matter how busy you are, you know what you’re putting in your mouth and you know if that will fuel your body for the better or not.

Nutrition for mommas postpartum is important, not just for you but for your little one too! Not to mention it may help you lose some of those extra pounds we collect through the process.Winking smileIt is worth it. You will lose the weight, you just have to work for it.

image (1)

Eating right post partum is just as important if not more so when you are nursing. Eating a balanced diet of fruit, veggies, protein, whole grains and dairy is so important! It is true that nursing moms need additional calories but not as much as you would think. It is only about 35% more. I would recommend having that extra be in the form of a protein.

Protein is important for nursing moms to help with milk production. Protein is the building block of the human body. If the human body was a tall building, protein would be the millions of bricks that make up the building! Protein is needed for growth,to repair and maintain every single cell. Protein from breast milk aids in your babies growth for the first year of his/her life. New moms also need protein to recover from the physiological strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

Here are my top tips eating postpartum for nursing and non-nursing mommas!

1. Prioritize Protein! I have protein with every meal. Confused with how much protein you should have?I eat as many grams of protein as I weigh. There is different information out there but because I workout so much I make sure to keep my protein intake high.

2. Eat REAL food. Avoid processed food. It is harder to prepare healthy food but it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just keep it simple. Each week I bake sweet potatoes, crockpot or grill chicken, and keep frozen veggies in the freezer so I can easily pop it in the microwave for quick meals. I also keep fresh fruit on hand because I know it is better for me to grab an apple and eat it with some Almond butter than it would be to snag a bag of chips.

3. Focus on your macros. I’m not saying count your calories or your macros. Ill be brutally honest and say that I don’t have time to care about that. If you do, go for it..It just doesn’t work for me. I do think about it though. Your macros are your proteins, carbohydrates, and your fats. For your main meals make sure you have all 3! For example: 4 oz. chicken, sweet potato, green beans with olive oil.

For example:



4. Meal Plan. Again, who has time for this?! But it works. I make double the food when I do make meals so I can have plenty of left overs. But my “Meal planning” is more like a grocery list. It also helps to prevent me from grabbing extra stuff at the grocery store! I just write 6 meals in my notes on my phone.

  • oatmeal+eggs
  • Eggs w/spinach, banana, Ezekiel muffins
  • Lettuce+ sweet potato + Chicken + cucumbers + tomato
  • Salmon+ Brown rice + green beans 
  • Siggis Greek yogurt+Slivered almonds
  • Ground turkey+Spaghetti squash+spaghetti sauce + brussel sprouts.

If I can make it in bulk. - Chicken, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, etc. The meals come together pretty quick. If I make it that day I always make a few extra servings because I can grab it out of the fridge and heat it up for other meals. Easy, Peasy.


I hope that helps you! Adjusting to a new baby is hard. It just is. It is also wonderful but you will notice that life gets a bit more hectic at times. Take care of yourself too.

Enjoy your journey.