Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Birthday + Vita CoCo--GIVEAWAY!

I can't believe I have been blogging for just over a year now! I started this blog just for my record and to help me get back into my pre-baby shape! And it has turned into SOOO much more! I have made so many connections to other bloggers in turn become good friends! Not only that, my blog is a way for me to do and talk about what I am most passionate about and that is helping others acheive their health goals, rather it be in nutrition or fitness alike. So THANK YOU to everyone out there and the inspiration you are to me in my life! I wish I could give you all a big hug and introduce myself but how about I not sound so creepy and just do a giveaway?

{Vita CoCo}

It is no secret that I 'am a huge fan of coconut water! I was first introduced to coco water by a friend, right before a big race last year. Hydration is key during a race to avoid cramping, improved performance and ensure a good recovery. I now make sure to bring along a few Vita CoCo's to every race I participate in, and also include them in my diet to help me through long training days!
Packed Race Food (for my last relay)-- :) Vita CoCo is in the center!

Vita CoCo comes in a portable, recyclable container! This makes it a perfect on the go drink! It even fits perfectly in my tri suit pocket when I'm on a long bike ride.

My new favorite flavor! 

You just can't go wrong with any flavor!

What are the Benefits of Coconut water?

  • It contains 5 electrolytes that our bodies need, Potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium! 

  • It is an all natural drink, it does not contain any perservatives, fats or cholesterol.

  • Aids in Digestion

  • Helps prevent acne! 

  • Contains more potassium then 2 bananas! 

  • It also contains 15 times more potassium then leading sports drinks.

  • Contains Vitamin C which helps improve your immune system! 

  • Can help lower blood pressure.

Those are some benefits to drink to! I will admit that since I have been drinking coconut water, my face has been clearer then it has been in the past, and I don't cramp up as easy during a swim when I have one before. I also consumed one after each one of my legs of the epic relay and my recovery was great! I was back in the gym the next day!

Nutrition Facts:

The nutrition facts are fantastic to boot. This is the tangerine flavor. Rounding in at 70 calories, 0 fat, with 740 mg of Potassium!! It does contain about 17g of sugar but be aware that it is naturally occurring sugar and not artificial, added sugar/syrup that is other leading sports drinks and sodas.

The first time I tasted Coconut water I was expecting a Pina colada taste. However, that is not the case.. so don't expect that or you will be disappointed. Its more of a mild taste that takes a little getting used to. After trying a few different flavors I became use to the natural flavor of a coconut! Personally, my favorite coconut water are the ones with added fruit! They give it a little extra sweetness. 

Vita CoCo has offered to give one lucky winner a whole CASE of assorted flavors!


  1.  Visit Vita CoCo's Website and leave a comment telling me your favorite flavor or a flavor you want to try! (single ladies.. there is some eye candy..just sayin')

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    *Please note: Vita CoCo did not pay me to advertise this for them, It is simply my own view and personal opinion.

    Even T is a fan:) And yes, he has been carrying it around with him all day!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    *Giveaway will end Thursday at 12am! Winner will be announced on Friday!

    Go CoCo!


    1. these look awesome! i want to try them out! it would be even better if i won! :) (also i think the acai and pomegranate looks yummy!)

    2. I've tried almost all the flavors and I agree with you that the original is my favorite. Next in line is Pinapple. They have also aided in my recovery time and I am hooked!

    3. I think the 100% pure is more my speed....I am not a huge flavor fan!

    4. Happy blog birthday!!! Such a fun giveaway! I still havent tried coconut water. Id be most excited to try the pineapple

    5. oh, I went to the web site.. Looks like you can buy it at GNC. I will have to give it a try.

    6. Visited the website - think I would like the natural one.

    7. Liked on Facebook!

    8. The pineapple one looks delish! Maybe if I won I could use them to help me recover while I am trying to lose my baby weight! She should be here soon!

    9. Congrats on the blog birthday- that's an awesome accomplishment! :D

      I've heard so much about coconut water but have always been scared to buy any in case I don't like it :-S I'd be most excited to try the pineapple or tropical fruit flavor- a quick island escape from the real world?!

    10. I think the tangerine looks yummy!

    11. Liked on Facebook too!

    12. Oh yay, I have been wanting to try these! Acai and pomegranate sounds really yummy, although tangerine sounds good too! Ah, the choices....

    13. I'd love to try the Peach & Mango flavor

    14. That pineapple flavor sounds sooo good!! Would love to try that!

    15. The pineapple would be so yummy

    16. I had a sample at Costco once and was a little taken aback; I wanted to like it a little more than I did, initially. However, I think the mango flavor might just do the trick!

    17. The Pineapple flavor sound yummy! I've never tried the coconut water but have only heard great things!

    18. Candy cane! I emailed vita coco. Want to try re peach mango!

    19. Pineapple or mango!!

    20. My husband liked you on facebook, because I am lame and don't have an account. If I win I promise to share with him :)

    21. The pineapple flavor is my absolute Fav but I would love to try the tangerine!! Yum!!

    22. I want to try the peach mango coconut water! I LOVE peaches, and mangos! yum!!

    23. It's facebook official - I "like" vita CoCo!

    24. pineapple sounds good --- or just pure. Thanks!

    25. http://twitter.com/#!/giveawayjunkie/status/106775182638727168

    26. The acai & pomegranate sounds delicious to me! Happy Blog Birthday!