Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back on the bike!~

This morning I took the oppurtunity to sleep in! I enjoyed the extra little shut eye, we didnt' get to bed till pretty late last night so it was nice to relax a little. Brent woke up first and went to the gym at about 7:30am (Yes, that is sleeping in for us) T & B didn't wake up till 9! I was able to get up and get a few things done. AKA laid in my bed and read "The Help".

I have honestly been reading it for over 3 months.. It really is a good book, I just think I'm having a hard time getting into it because I only pick it up every so often.. reading blogs>reading books sometimes.
Breakfast was a quick banana with almond butter pre-workout! 

After the workout I had errands to run so I just grabbed a Chocolate muscle milk and handful of pecans.

Lunch was simple salad that consisted of spinach, Grilled chicken, red pepper, avocado, toasted pecans and green beans.

So good! GPP started doing a "challenge of the week" at the gym  and this week it is to replace one of your meals with a salad! Or.. I suppose eat a salad for a meal? Either way...  I love my salads in the summer, especially with lots of veggies and an avocado is a must!
Tonight, I went on a 20 mile bike ride with one of my favorite ladies!  My last bike ride was like 2 weeks ago.. eeek!! My bike was just tuned and rode like breeze!
I decided training rides need to be done with friends.. It was so nice to be able to talk and draft! It was a great ride! In fact... every workout is better with a friend right?!

Q. Do you prefer to workout by yourself, or with a friend or group fitness class?
GROUP.. I love to feed off the energy in the room but I also enjoy a little "me" time and pounding out a workout myself.. but usually just when I'am mad or bothered by something, running helps clear my head. 

Q. How long does it take you to finish a book?
I've decided I just need to really invest in books on cd and listen to them in my car because by the time I have time to sit and read I'd rather sleep.. it seems to take me FOREVER to finish a book! 

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  1. I just took me over 3 months to finish a good "wordy" book- Great job on your ride- I love to mix it up with a friend but I do about 80% on my own- long distances are easier with a buddy