Friday, August 19, 2011

Epic Relay

One week ago, I set out on my second relay of the summer! I really do enjoy relays! You can find my re-cap of my last one here.

Epic is a 205 mile race stretching from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You complete the 205 miles running in a team of either 6 or 12. Each person has 3 legs. (Teams of 6 double up). You have a bracelet around your wrist that you pass off to your next runner as you complete your distance aka "leg". At that point you jump back in the van and drive past your runner in support and cheer them on, give them water etc. You continue in this orderly fashion until you reach the end. Through the heat, through the cold night and until the sunrises the next day. Sounds fun eh? Well, it is.

Our team name was WTF -- Witness the Fitness. We had a great team and everyone ran really hard and were simply inspiring!
The gals-minus jules. . I apparently missed the blue memo.

We goofed off a little.. alot at many of the exchanges! Dancing, chasing,

 playing with dairy cows,
I didn't know cows had kennels.. and yes, its licking her arm..

 swinging, pull up contest,

 eating...oh and quite a bit of running.
mid-run pictures are always classy.

I loved this course! Each one of my legs was long and scenic and just beautiful!!

It was a very well organized race! 

  • This was only the 2nd year of Epic Cache-Teton Relay so there was only 92 teams. Compared to Wasatch Back that has about 400! So there was a lot less people. Little traffic at each exchange.

  • Very scenic the entire way. I love running next to rivers and mountains!

  • Every van was courteous and fun! No major competitors. We all were there to support each other.

  • We end in Jackson Hole! I love the atmosphere of that place! There is a great bakery called the Bunnery! Its a must go! 

  • All my runs were at pretty decent times of the day/night. Lucky me. 

  • At one of the exchanges they had snow cones made with gatorade. Word.

  • They had amazing volunteers that played drums and would laugh and joke with us while we hung around.

  • Free water and a dunk tank at an exchange! Sign me up. 


  • The check in could of been a little more organized. It took a long time to go through each station to check off our gear and grab our shirts.. they should of organized the shirts by team beforehand..

  • Not very many people... This was a pro to, but sometimes its nice to actually see or pass some runners while your out running your leg. We did see few but its always fun to count your "kills".

  • The swag wasn't spectacular. But thanks for the 6 oreos and fat boy?..Although they had shotblocks and mini cliff bars so it made up for it. Oh, and a sticker to add to the back of the van..

  • I'm sorry, but two honey buckets at a main exchange (where van 1 and 2 meet)  isn't nearly enough! Lets just say, I'm glad we were close to the wilderness. 

Overall the race was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


  1. Looks like a totally gorgeous course!! Glad yall had fun

  2. Congrats! You should be so proud of yourself and totes deserve a day of full relaxation *ahhh* :) P.S. Good to hear you didn't encounter any scary wildlife!

  3. Training is a good thing to be prepared for the race ahead.