Saturday, August 6, 2011

{summer days}

Today has been a great day! I started off at the gym with a quick cardio session before Body Pump. I completed this 25 minute treadmill workout.

{25 Minute Calorie Blaster}

Time               Incline     Speed

0-3                   1.0          6.0
3-10                 1.0          6.5
10-15               2.5          7.0
15-20               1.0          7.2
20-20:30          1.0          10.0
Off 10 sec.
20:40-21:10     1.0           11.0
Off 10 sec.
21:20-21:50     1.0           11.0
Off 10 sec.    
22-22:30          1.0           11.0
Off 10 sec.
22:30- 25          1.5           7.2

Done and Done! I have come to the conclusion that my "long training runs" need to happen earlier in the week. By Saturday, my hamstrings are thrashed, my body is tired and there is no way in heck I could make myself run 10+ plus after teaching Body Pump. The majority of training plans have long runs scheduled on Saturday or Sundays. In my case, that just doesn't work out for me, since I train/teach so much during the week I have decided that I will do a long run on Monday mornings (during race season) when my legs are fresh (since Sunday is my active recovery day). Then tamper it down throughout the week.  I'm excited to see how this works out, hopefully it will help me get it done besides just walk away from a training run.
Next weekend, I have another Relay coming up. It will be EPIC.
After Pump I came home and as a family we wanted to go swimming so we headed over to the Rec center for some pool time!
The babies actually did really well this time!! Compared to last time..Yay!!! They loved to sit on the side and kick their feet!

There is a water fountain park as well and the babies loved playing around that.

Loving summer days like this!

After the park we decided that the best thing after a day out in the sun is Frozen Yogurt! Our yogurt shop got new flavas! I couldn't resist I tried them all.. But ended with dairy-free Pineapple, chocolate-coconut --> my fave!! And mango! Topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries and almonds!

We also got to be parents of 5! We got to hang out with our nieces and nephew while the SIL went on a date with her hubs! We love having them around!

They loved to push the stroller! We went to the park and the babies of course had to get in a little swinging action! They love it!

Now, we are home watching Madagascar 2

and I have some brownies in the oven...

 I picked up these brownies at the store and have been waiting to try them for awhile! The ingredient list is pretty legit! And the nutrition facts weren't to shabby.

 I used applesauce instead of butter. :)

They mix up quickly and have some chunky chocolaty love in them!

I can't wait to see how they turned out!

"I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky"
Time to get back to the movie!
Have a good night!!

Q. What day of the week do you schedule your "long runs"??
Used to be saturday, but switchin it up. 

Q. When you make brownies do you prefer Box or from scratch?
You would think I would prefer my own.. but I do love boxed brownies..and these ones were made with natural ingredients! Win win!


  1. Training plan sounds awesome. I miss exercise so much already! Great pool day-glad the twins did better with the water! Pineapple froyo? Mmmm i usually do most baking from scratch-but do love an easy box mix

  2. Saturdays are my days for long runs. I look forward to it - when I can catch up with my running buddies and burn lots of calories at the same time. Do you seriously look like that in a swim suit?? You are my idol.