Sunday, August 21, 2011

dessert X2

Anything twice is nice right?! Tonight we headed up to my parents house to celebrate this little dude!

Most of the family came up to celebrate and give one last hurrah before school starts! We love hanging out in my parents backyard. It is right against a mountain so we often see deer, wolves, squirrels and even turkeys stroll through from time to time.

The babies had a fun time walking around with great grandpa! and even getting some kisses from aspen.

We had red velvet and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with a fresh raspberry.

There was also home made cinnamon rolls!

I decided to go for a cinnamon roll.. but just the center because that is the best part! Can anyone really resist such goodness??  Just give me the heart and soul of the roll mmmk?

& no I don't think we got good picture out of the 100.. but siblings.. gotta love'em.

 I have a long training day planned tomorrow. Starting with a swim+bike at 5am..

Off to bed!
Good night!


  1. Hope training goes well! Yummy celebration-gotta. Love when there are multiple dessert options

  2. The center bit of a cinnamon roll is the best part- ooey and gooey! Did you make them? Cinnamon rolls are a holiday breakfast staple [or a typical breakfast for my brother]- I'd love to find a semi-healthy recipe!