Thursday, February 24, 2011

whats what..

So since I have been sick.. its really been boring on the whole creating meals. Lots of Shakes to help my throat.. and hot peppers with hummus to try and clear my sinus's.. No luck yet..
At least all these green monsters are helping me use up the ginormous bag of spinach from Costco.

 I have been able to get my workouts in though.. (I just have to run faster then my nose..)
Hardest 5 miles of my life..runny nose and couldn't breathe. But at least I got them done.. 

We spent the remainder of the morning at the Dr. office for the babies Well-Checks. 
They are growing right on schedule and hitting average on all the charts for weight and height! 
Still Stuffy and coughing but feeling better!

What  is Body Pump? Body Pump is a 1 hour strength training class. Designed and choreographed by Les Mills.  Each person has a bar with weights of their choice, and a bench. There are 10 tracks, Each class will go as followed.. 1-warm-up 2- squats 3- chest 4- Back & hamstrings 5- triceps 6- biceps 7- lunges 8- shoulders 9-abs 10-stretch.  This is one of my favorite classes to teach because it hits every muscle in the body!  This class is great for pregnant woman to! Along with every Les mills program!!

What is Body Attack? Body Attack is also designed and choreographed by Les Mills. It is the ultimate sweat sesh class. You will burn a crazy amount of calories. You run, jump, work on agility, lunge, strengthen and run some more. There are a lot of plyometric movements that challenge you throughout the hour. It is perfect for every athlete, sports star to a competive runner. Not to mention you will become a sweaty beast.  As with every program Body Attack is for everybody. There are different levels that accomadate every body type to help you reach your goal. Pregnant woman included! In fact the program director Lisa Osborne is pregnant and continues to do BA well into her 3rd trimester!

What is GPP? - First off , GPP stands for  General Physical Prepardness.  After I had my babies, I quickly went back to teaching Body Pump and Body Attack. (5 weeks postpartum)  But I knew I needed something more. My heart is with group fitness, I love working out in the group atmosphere.  You make friends and I love the competiveness of it.   At GPP, there is a work out of the day. You meet together and whatever the workout may be. It is always challenging and requires your full attention for that 20 minutes.  YES, ONLY 20 minutes!!  These workouts are quick but effective. In fact, Not only has it changed my body, but with these workouts , as a runner, you think you have to just RUN to train. Let me tell you, that strength training is a huge part of race training as well. I have easily shaved 2 minutes of my mile!!  And I don’t have to run as often!  In the first week you will feel a difference.  The trainer’s  there are knowledgeable, motivating and are there to help you reach your goals.  I have made so many new friends and we are all there to motivate and help eachother. If you live in Davis county YOU HAVE to come try it out!!  If you live in other states, no worries, check out the website and do the workout yourself!  Again, GPP is  FOR EVERYBODY!! For more info click here
So come join the party.


  1. Look at those cute faces!!!

    So sorry you're still feeling icky!!!

    Those classes look AWESOME! Sadly, they are very rare around my parts. =(

  2. I haven't made a monster in FOREVER and I have tons of spinach...I think I'll have one today :) The babes look so cute getting weighed in :). Attack rocks. Its my favorite class that I teach. Now that I'm pregnant- I am taking it...but low impact. I love Lisa to pieces but shes doing wayyy too much high impact for a preggers lady ;)

  3. your babies are so cute! i love those pictures!! wish i could take one of your classes! you seem really inspiring!!

  4. Hi Candice-thank you for your blog! Hey, I have checked out the GPP fitness website and would love to do the workouts but I don't understand what they all mean. Is there any way I could get an explanation for them?

  5. Do you always get your workouts in before your cute babies wake up for the day? My little guy as been getting sick every other week during this winter, so I haven't wanted to take him to the gym daycare where he usuallly goes for me to get my workout in?

  6. Get better soon! Your babies are adorable. I love your comment about running faster than your nose, haha!

  7. Thanks for the explainations. Makes me want to try one!