Tuesday, February 22, 2011

to be used..

Hey everybody! (imagine that Dr. from the simpsons.. ) weird.. I just felt like that.
Speaking of doctors we took baby B in last night.. It was just to sad to snuggle with this face any longer..

Bad news.. she has bronchiolitis..and T does to.  (wow, spell check didn't even underline that) Anyway.. Its not RSV thank goodness!! But still its just not a cold.. 

Good news.. She got some meds.
This was her this morning. Bed head and all. via Iphone. T is also feeling a little better. So maybe we are on the upside of this!!

Wish I could say the same.. You know that magical protector of all? whateve. It didn't work.. maybe I should of gone with orange. I am now sick. I even woke up early and came to the realization.. But with high hopes..
I tried again.. anything pink should be delicious right? Well... I think those bubbles indicate some sort of poison.. gag me. 

I went back to bed.. okay, not really.. Can you sleep with two babies on your bed? So we snuggled for a few hours till someone pooped.. 
then I was hungry.. 
Warm bowl of oats with a spinach smoothie. good for the throat..alternate ice then heat.. and repeat.
Okay, thats for sprained ankle or something.. but the pink poison didn't work so here was plan 2.

I haven't gone anywhere all day..I now have a butt groove in my couch.. be jealous. 
But I have to teach tonight.. lets see how long my voice lasts.. would you be motivated to squat lower by a nasaly, scratchy voiced, raccoon eyed rockstar?   
yea, I thought so.. Rock on. 


Did I mention I'm sick.. Cereal was the easiest.. 

I hardly ever buy cereal because I could probably devour a whole box in 2 days.. by myself.. But this one was on sale and caught my eye..

mm... really. as much protein as an egg.. huh? lets zoom in..
"cereal contains 13g protein per serving.. one large egg contains 6 g per serving" ...
Soooo.. wouldn't you say this cereal has MORE protein then an egg.. ??  1 serving is 1 cup.. oh that's pleasant. Which means in reality I'll have a bowl which is equivalent to about 2 cups.. so I'll eat about 26 grams of protein?? mm. just advertise "as much protein as chicken".. but this is cereal.. so lets just stick to that..  because well, airborne doesn't advertise.. 100% juice.. for good reason too, they wouldn't sell any if they advertised it as "gag juice". Well. all in all .. the cereal has 10 grams of fiber per serving. I ate to much and now my head, nose, ears throat and stomach hurt. If you noticed, yes I ate it out of a cup.. but had 2 refills...... so I ate a cow and drank a whole bottle of Metamucil? ??
you do the math.. either way. Your not going to want to be going in my bathroom in the morning..
TMI? oh well.

I did however get myself to play 300 rounds of peek-a-boo and sang in my most beautiful raspy voice, twinkle twinkle little star...
I decided to finish the laundry I started.. uh.. 3 days ago..speaking of that.. I went upstairs to gather the dirty clothes and we do have a laundry basket in my closet.. but you still have to get them out of the bathroom.. next to the dresser.. in the bed stand?? and on the shelf??
That's my husbands wadded up clothes.. if you didn't catch that towards the end.. I gathered them out of the bed stand too.. why would my genius husband do such a thing?? (he really is genius..)
So I asked him and he simply stated they are his "to be used clothes".. 
To be used?
Alright honey.. 
So your gym clothes can be worn twice. and those socks twice before being washed..I'll admit, I do that sometimes to but I still consider it "clean" clothes and hang it back up..  (never socks.. that's just gross)

*(I think I'll buy him stronger cologne..)

When you get married, you cope with those differences.. it only took 3 years to discover this quark.. 
Instead of being mad that I have to play hide and seek to collect his laundry, I thought about my little quark..

Do you see a pattern..? yes, I'm a halfer.. a snacker, a grazer.. whatever you want to call it. You wonder why I don't post everything I eat..? Because it would be ridiculous.. half of this, a bite of this, pieces of that.. catch my drift? That's how I roll sometimes.. & If it wasn't me doing it I'd make fun of it too..  I don't know why I do it? I guess I just like variety snacking?? This drove my step mom cahrazy! So I got married and moved out ;) Brent just tolerates it. He is a winner, I'm telling you. --Love you baby..
Lets just call it my "to be used" food... 

Q. Do you have " To be used clothes"

Q. Whats your quark or your significant others quark that you deal with?


  1. oh goodness! Well I'm glad y'all got some meds. Hopefully it all just gets better from here!! And you take care of yourself! I've totally taught class feeling like poo before....some how it seems to motivate me to work harder ;)...like I am proving something! I'm totally a grazer too. Can't help it.

  2. So sorry to hear the news about the broncitis. My little one had that too! It's the worst for the kids (and even worse because I had gotten it too...Hope you feel better soon and it does not reach that point with you)

    I had to LOL when I read about your hubby's laundry habit. My husband does the SAME thing and I have to do the SAME thing as you. I dont get it and like you, learn to pick my battles with him. HAHA!

  3. to be used food? hhaha!
    so sorry everyone is sick. thats no fun! my husband and I just got over colds and the flu last month, I hate that when hes sick i get it and vise versa!

  4. I am a "to be used" eater too! I snack and graze a lot! I'm trying to learn to not do that so much anymore!

    bronchiolitis sounds terrible!!! I hope your babes get better soon! I just got over a sinus infection sickness, and I learned that when DayQuil doesn't cut it, Mucinex is awesome!!! Good luck!

  5. Oh wow. That is so funny! That pic of yogurt in the fridge could be mine...and the banana..and...you should try the airborne mixed with Trop50 and diet sprite. That's how I force myself to take EmergenC. I usually try not to drink soda, but when I'm sick, I make excuses :) xoxo

  6. I'm sorry you and your babies are sick but I hope you feel better very soon!!