Monday, February 21, 2011

Not me..

Alright, So before I was a mom.. I would always watch other moms with their kids.
Sometimes the kid would still be in their pajamas.. and it was 10. Being out and about by 10 am they could surely get some real clothes on their child..
Not me.. I always have my kids ready..
don't let the bow fool you.. I put it on for the picture..

Working in a pediatric dental office I would see kids with boogery noses and dried snot smeared across their faces.. "really.. take a kleenex to that nose.. its not THAT hard..."

Oh.. not me.. that would not be my child..

Everytime, I would be in line at the grocery and see a mom cave to the pleadings of her child for a piece of chocolate or a toy because they assured that it would make them happier..or just to keep them giving them whatever they want..

Not me.. I for one would NEVER let that be my child..

I cave.. okay.. not to chocolate but she can have all the cash she needs.

But chocolate. yes, that will make me feel better..

With PB.. even better.

Not even on the healthy side, but did I care. Not in the least, I have been wiping, sucking, scrubbing, changing, bathing, rocking, singing and even some dancing to try and keep my sick babies happy.
A little chocolate never hurt anyone.  And yes, it did make me feel better.. all 5.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat.. and a slight ear ache.. (you know the feeling)
AHHHH! No!! Not me.. I can't get sick.. I just can't. I don't get ready as it is each day, throw a sickness in and people might turn and run.
I went to the store post workout and grabbed the most magical protector from sickness..

As I stood their debating between flavors.. Orange, berry, lime.. sigh.. I think there was about 3 people that walked by in amazement and all asked questions about why my cart was so full with children..
Its no surprise to me when someone will stop me.. or stalk me through the aisles to ask me about my babies..
It is quite the sight to see.

So here is a little Q & A about the twins, having twins, carrying twins.. etc.

**These are the questions I get asked daily when I'm out and about. I should just wear a t-shirt...
but I really don't mind because.. I love my babies and they are my favorite thing to talk about.
But for the random strangers.. (not blog friends.. cause we are BFFS) here ya go..

  1. Are those Twins?!
Why, yes they are.. what cha think.. I took some other child and left the snot there to dry?

     2. A Boy and A Girl?

Yes, hence the blue blanket and the pink one... maybe the bow throw you off..?

    3. Oh, you got your hands full..

Is that a even a question? no.. but I get that a lot

     4. My moms, friends, cousin had twins to.

Is that a question? no... but now we are great friends.

     5.  How much did they weigh?
B was 4lb 14 oz and T was 5 lbs 9 oz.. how much did your moms, friends, cousins twins weigh?

    6. Were you on any fertility?
First off.. if you ever EVER see a random person.. you don't know.. don't ask them this ?. K. Im not a personal person by any means.. but some people don't want you to know it took them a over a year to get pregnant.  But yes, I was.. But it also runs in my family, My grandmother on the maternal side had twins. I was destined.

    7. Is it hard?
Is having two newborns hard? Well .. if it was easy everyone else would be doing it..

   8. You look skinny did you lose all that weight naturally?
(no joke, someone asked me this today)... Well.. do you naturally wake up before the sun to run or swim then  get your babies ready and out the door to make it on time to your class at your gym to sweat, push your limits till you want to puke.. ? Then yes, I lost "ALL" that weight naturally..

  9. What did you name them?
I named them their names.. what was your again?

    10. Do you breastfeed?
(are you staring at my rack?) I did but now I'm done.. thats why my cart is full of formula..

Oh okay.. you have a nice day..

You to.. Thanks...

The end..
By the end of that conversation I had selected my desired flavor..
Just drop it into water for health and happiness..

Purely disgusting..maybe I should of gone with orange?? 

Time to lay back and relax...



  1. Wow, I can't believe the questions people ask you. I mean, I can believe it I just can't believe that they don't know better/have a filter on them!

    Cute post, and I love your sense of humor.

  2. hahahhaha. People are too funny. Some of those questions are seriously over the top. I'm sorry you're not feeling so hot! I'm hoping the airborne and more time with your babies makes you 100% better!!

  3. Has anyone ever asked you if they are identical? I find it hilarious that people would even ask that! I have girl/girl twins and get it all the time. Just curious if you ever got the question as a mom of boy/girl twins.

  4. oh yes, karen! how did I leave that one out.. I usually just answer that question by referring to the last question.. boy, girl? wink wink..

  5. hilarious! some people are ssoo nosy!

  6. Love this post! Feel better, and just FYI the orange is just as gross.. Lemon lime is worse!

  7. People are crazy! As for the airborne the pink grapefruit one isn't too bad. We really like EmergenC! Especially the pink lemonade flavor one. That stuff works miracles too!

  8. I hope you feel better! You should try Oscillococcinum, it does the same thing as Airborne and its all natural. The best part is that its kind of like pop rocks, nothing gross to dissolve and chug/

  9. omg that top pictures is amazing, adorable and awesome! people think they can just say whatever they want!! i'm 4 months pregnant with my second (my first (3 year old!) was home with daddy) and someone on saturday asked me if i was pregnant or still fat from my first baby. lol I'M SERIOUS!!! who are these people?!!?

  10. Hopefully you are all getting on the mend. I'm guilty of letting the snot dry, if we're at home who cares? Especially when their little noses get so red from all the wiping. Just wait until your asleep and one of yours finds the tissue box and tries to wipe your nose for you (while your asleep) I quickly learned how annoying it was :) I used to get asked all the time if my guy was a girl, because he has curly hair. I guess the trucks, tractors and trains all over his blankets weren't a clue.

  11. Can totally relate to those questions but my fav. With my boy/girl twins is how can you tell them apart? After answering seriously for 100 times I finally started saying well one is circumcised and one isn't. Feel better!!!!! No fun to have sick babies and even worse to have a sick

  12. Just found your blog through your guest post on Janetha's blog! Isn't it weird the questions people ask? I don't get a lot of that from strangers, but from distant relatives. And I don't even have twins! They're just about personal things in general. I say that about the snotty nosed kids too, but yours are sick and you're not out in public. I have enough trouble with my own nose when I'm sick. :)

  13. Ok, so I have 6 kids, and I can understand your outing to a point. Because of people and their lack of filters we have quit taking all the kids out at the same time. UGH people can make you crazy!!! I hope you feel better soon!

  14. LOL..I had to laugh at your twin questions...I have to have my sis read this she as well has twins boy and girl, and she ALWAYS is telling me these exact crazy questions people i.e. strangers are asking...SO FUNNY! And I feel your pain with the sickness my littlest one and I have been sick with that nasty cold/flu fun! Hope the airborne works..and those cute babies start feeling better.

  15. People sure have guts!!

    I have been on airborne too! I've tried Emergen-C too, and I'm convinced they're the same thing. But, the airborne is 5 calories, versus Emergen-C which is 25. Can you tell I'm still counting calories?? ha ha ha. It adds up when you are drinking them a few times a day.

  16. Love this post!! Feel better soon!! You will soon realize, as a new Mommy, that once a sickness enters the house it goes from Mother, Father, child, etc over and over sometimes. There was a time where the same virus circulated all three of us three times!!! UGH!!

  17. Ha ha! So funny...and true! Janetha inspired me to start blogging, too. Isn't she great? I know it's personal, but I would love to hear more about your journey getting pregnant. My husband and I have been waiting on babies for a long time, and our next stop is fertility assistance.You can email me anytime at [email protected]. I'm loving catching up on your blog...and where's the recipe for those super-amazing looking chocolate/pb muffins?? xoxo

  18. Gah! The things people will ask a pregnant woman/new mom! Heck, even an older mom!
    After my son was born, a complete stranger at a dinner party pulled me aside and demanded to know if I was breastfeeding. And he was a HE. In his 20's. And not a medical professional. I's STILL scratching my head over that one, lol!
    My kids are now 7 and 9. Because of their Autism, they often behave differently. I get the rude comments ("Can't you control your children") and the demands, like why is my 7 year-old daughter in a stroller at the mall?!?!?! Because she sometimes has mobility issues, and crowds overwhelm her. The stroller is a safe, comfortable place for her, and we put her in it when she's having trouble walking.

    Hope you are feeling better soon! And your sense of a humor is the PERFECT way to deal with all those questions!!!!!

  19. hi there! found you through meals and moves too. sorry about your sick kids, thats not fun. people are seriously so weird? what makes them think they can ask those types of questions?! i had three boys in 4 years and i got all sort of questions about birth control, mistakes, how did you breastfeed when you were pregnant, etc.... really? mind your own damn buisness! maybe it's a utah thing?

    on another note, can you explain that gpp thing? is it like crossfit? i live in davis county and i haven't ever heard of it, but i am willing to try anything to get abs like yours!

  20. I must admit, I've asked some of those questions before, but now I'll be a little more selective! I wouldn't ask about using fertility...WHOA! Seriously!!!