Monday, February 28, 2011

Simply wonderful

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA but when I said that I was feeling better.. and CUP-CAKES are the celebration.. I am still a stuffalufagus... and I even lost my voice. Although the Cup-cake did make me feel a little better :) Soooo.... with all the snot in my brain I haven't been to creative in the kitchen.. Which actually made me come up with todays post! Healthy eating doesn't require hours in the kitchen or difficult recipes with ingredients you have never heard of.
I always have 3 things in my kitchen.

  • Grilled Chicken.
  • Vegetables
  • Brown Rice.

Perfect meal.

Another meal, that I love to make at my house because its SO easy, healthy and filling. And who doesn't love breakfast for lunch.. and/or dinner..?? I really could eat breakfast for every meal!!

Egg whites & Vegetable Scramble!
(with some marys crackers on the side) We were out of Ezekiel Bread for toast :(

Well. That was my Sunday in reverse.. 
Simply wonderful and wonderfully simple.

Today's Dinner was in big thanks to Plates and Palates. Its one of my favorite little restaurants in bountiful. Everything is fresh and natural. This is their spinach and shrimp salad. It consist of spinach, shrimp, sliced sweet potatoes and grapefruit. The Citrus dressing that comes with it is delicious as well. I think I could drink it. ;) 

Now, I have settled down the night with some fro-yo
Pineapple fro-yo (dairy free) strawberries, kiwi, Graham crust, cap'n crunch cereal and sprinkles. 
Don't judge. This is delicious.

I also got a couple little ones to share with..

Time for the Bachelor!
final threeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Q. Whats your favorite Fro-yo and toppings

Q. Do you have a go to meal that is simply wonderful?


  1. Breakfast for dinner or lunch is totally awesome! And I've been loving shrimp lately- so easy to cook (takes minutes) and is great alone, on salad or in a stir fry. Hope the sniffles disappear quick.

    Q. Whats your favorite Fro-yo and toppings. I'm pretty plain :) I like vanilla with tons of fruit and a little granola

    Q. Do you have a go to meal that is simply wonderful? I like to do breakfast for dinner, stir fry, or some kind of Mexican dish

  2. That shrimp salad sounds heavenly!!!

  3. I NEEDED this post. All such great ideas for dinner. The shrimp salad looks amazing!!! Fro-yo....pineapple...YUM!! I love gummy bears and sprinkles on my fro-yo. I hope you get feeling all the way better. I NEED TO WATCH THE BACHELOR. Is it okay if I link the amazing movie you sent me on my post made me laugh so hard!!