Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pump Up the Jam!

While making this Strawberry Jam this afternoon, I couldn't help but to break out in song.. this song.. In fact, it made my day!
I have always LOOOVED my grandmas homemade strawberry jam, the only thing I didn't love is the 2 cups of sugar she uses to make it. I wanted something fresh, simple, and quick. Because lets face it, after yesterdays indulgence with our anniversary dinner I am kind of in a sugar coma and feeling really blah.. (does overdose of sugar do that to anyone else?)

So for the lazy. Busy. and sugar coma induced people, Get yo' booty on the floor, and make my day..
Pump up the jam---- the strawberry Jam

Take 1 whole carton of Strawberries, and remove the greens and slice in half and throw it in your processor

Add 1 T. Of Truvia or Stevia

Turn on your processor until desired texture is acheived. 

Spread onto a slice of Toast.
or mix it with some vanilla Greek yogurt

or feed it to your baby (homemade baby food)

That's where the party is at.