Friday, February 18, 2011

It was only a matter of time..

Hey everyone! I have started to go back to work on Fridays! I start work at 8 am so I woke up early to get my run in and home to get ready.. I wasn't the only one up and at 'em
watching mom get ready!

T is starting to feel a little bit better! But now little B was a little runny and sneezy.. I figured it was inevitable.. It was only a matter of time.. eh?
My sister in-law is my lifesaver.. she sells DoTerra essential oils, and truthfully I have never really paid attention until now!! I went to her house and she showed me everything that they can do.. the question really is what can they NOT do?? I put the oil called "breathe" on T before bed last night and he can actually breathe through his nose now! We are definitely on the up side of this. 

They are fabulous, and now my house smells wonderful compared to the overdose of lysol that has loomed over my household the past couple days.. I think I may have to do an entire post of the benefits of these oils. 

Breakfast was a quick Shake and toast --- out the door I go.

1/2 C. Almond milk
 1.5 scoop of whey gourmet vanilla protein
1/2 frozen bananas
handful of frozen raspberries
handful of spinach
5 ice cubes
splash of water. 

ready for work!!

I have been a little snacky today.. Maybe cause it was kind of a slow day at work and I got a little hungry at 10.. I came upon these little crackers and cheese.. 

SOOO good! I love this little wedge!

Even good with carrots!!

Blueberry Spinach shake-- with red pepper+hummus and a few more blueberries ;)
The shake has a gray color but stellar taste.. 
don't knock it till you try it ;)

I had a quick lunch after work because I had to take my car in to get checked.. Dang engine light.. (its really been on for over year!!!?) And apparently its a mystery.. I won't bore you with car details.. but what a PAIN.. sigh. 

Brent is working late tonight since he was with the babes this morning while I went to work! We need to do something fun.. hopefully we really make it on our little quick trip this weekend if weather allows. 
Nobody likes to drive in the snow.. 

Have a Good Night!!

Q. Have you ever made anything that was a funky color but tasted wonderful?


  1. Hey! I am totally adding you to my reader! I just saw your guest post on meals and moves! I teach Pump, Step & Attack....well I did teach all three until I found out I was pregnant :) I am 17 weeks in and am only teaching Pump now. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Found you on J's blog...wonderful blog, awesome zest for life that you have! And you look rockin'!

  3. same as averie, just found your blog though JG! You are an inspiration! ROck it MOMMA!

  4. I love beans so anything that turns out brown usually ends up being great haha avocados are pretty unappealing in color if you think about it

  5. Same here ... found your blog through JG. So impressed with your body post babies! Amazing! Also jealous of all your Body Pump classes. They don't have it where I live and I miss it!
    Have a great week!
    Oh and something kinda unappealing is the green shake I drink too. :)

  6. I want to get my nephew one of those Bumbos, they just look so cute!
    Those reese's cupcakes, look amazing!
    You look AMAZING! For having 2 babies or not, you look great!