Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dr. woes..

Hey Everyone!! First off I'll talk about our little Valentines! We didn't do anything to special since our anniversary was just a week ago. We actually went over to our neighbors for dinner and enjoyed talking, eating chocolate covered strawberries and relaxing while watching "the Bachelor".. buh bye.. Michelle! Whats your take on the rest of the girls?? Emilee is cute.. but to cute for him.. I think he is kind of creepy and boring.. (she should be the next bachelorette..) I think Chantal will win.. even though she is an emotional wreck.. Anyway.... Back to the night..
The Mister came home and surprised me with flowers and balloons!

He even brought home miss B a valentine
lucky girl..

Even T got a little somethin

It was a great Valentines Day!! 

Today has been cram packed! Body Pump, bank, Laundry, GPP, Dr... But to start my day I had a good ole' fashioned bowl of oats..
Nothing Fancy.

This afternoon little T had a Dr. Appt. Well, here is the story.. when Tanner was 2 months old we noticed his head was a little flat on the backside. We mentioned to his pediatrician and he didn't seem to worried about it.  So at his 4 month appt. we brought it up again and he then diagnosed T with Plagiocephaly. 

Plagiocephaly is very common with twins being the way he was positioned in my uterus. It can also be caused from babies sleeping on their backs. He recommended seeing a plastic surgeon to see if they would recommend that T should get a helmet. We met with the Surgeon and she did recommend a helmet. His case isn't to severe, they predict he will need to wear the helmet for about 8 weeks.  We went and got him measured a few weeks ago and today he had his casting appointment.. Something I did NOT want to have to watch him go through.. So Dad took him.. 

First they placed a nylon sock over his head protecting his hair from the plaster then they laid this stuff that I would explain it kind of like paper mache..? Dad reported that he actually did really well during the whole process.. which takes about 12 minutes. But he wasn't to happy when they had to take it off.. But that was it! And to top it off the poor little guy has a little cold.. not a fun day for the little man..  
He was just fine after.

We came home after for naps and lunch! I realize its time to go to the grocery store.. Lunch was a little random....
Lunch consisted of a protein shake, green beans w/ hummus, slice of Ezekiel Toast with agave and an apple..

Off we go..
(she did this on her own yesterday!!)

Well, I'm off to snuggle my babies! and hit up the grocery store! Mom duties call! Have a great Day!! 

Q. Any other moms out there that have had to deal with Plagicophaly?? Any tips?

Q.  Who do you want to win the Bachelor?? (If you cool like me and watch it..;))


  1. No experience with your first question. As for your second question, I am cool too and watch the bach, I don't really care who wins I'm just glad it wasn't Michelle. Can you imagine life with her as a wife....scary!

  2. I agree with your Bachelor analysis. Emily is way too good for him. I think that Brad and Chantal deserve each other. Michelle was crazy, but she also added drama which is the best part of the show! You never knew what was going to come out of her mouth!