Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Something on the bright side}

Good Morning Everyone!! First off I want to thank you all for your sweet emails about Baby T's  plagiocephaly  it was interesting to know that a few more people are experiencing it and or have had to deal with it in the past. T is still not feeling well.. Dang cold! I feel so bad for my sweet little boy.. the worst part is, you can tell he has the snot/mucus up in brain; kind of colds and when you blow your nose & nothing comes out... but he can't even blow his nose so it just makes it worse. NOT in the PLAN...

This was last nights plan according to them..

11:00 PM finally fell asleep...
1:20 AM B wakes up.. (teething is a joy)
1:40 AM B back to sleep
3:00 AM T wakes up..
4:00 AM B wakes up..
5:00 AM T Pukes in my bed..
6:00 AM Both back asleep.

While I was awake.. and apparently couldn't go back to bed in puke sheets..So I went to get my workout in.
As I was driving to the gym, I took a pic of the FULL moon!!
Can you see it?? It was ahhhmazing! (this picture does no justice)

Although I was a zombie, I got it done! Came home feeling better and was craving a shake! an Orange Julius Shake! I didn't have any orange juice, or oranges!! So I started digging around in my cupboards and I came across this little gem.

An Isagenix Electrolyte drink mix.. Want more Energy? Why, yes please. I'll be needing that... 
Please note: I am not on the Isagenix diet by any means..and or advertising for them. I think I snagged this as a free sample somewhere.. ?? ( I like to take free things..) 

Orange Julius

1 C. Almond Milk
5 ice cubes
1.5 Scoop of gourmet vanilla elite whey protein 
orange drink mix 
1 banana
1 tsp of gaur gum

It was perfect. And quite rejuvenating also!

I enjoyed a slice of Ezekiel toast with almond butter and agave. 


I have sheets to wash.. See you lata!!

*Hopefully the weather and T's cold clears up.. we have a quick trip planned this weekend..

Need something healthy for dinner tonight? Make this! 

Q.  Cold remedies for babies?? Please help! 


  1. Your smoothie looks AMAZING!

    Awww...hope your baby boy is OK! Your morning sounded rough. I am not sure I AM ready for it...but who is????

    Have a great night!!!

  2. Question? What temp do you cook the Faux Lasagna at? Thanks!

  3. how did I miss that..? sorry! its 400 degrees for about 30 minutes

  4. hi! i am a pediatric nurse, and a mom of 3, so here is what i recommend for your little ones. you can give a little benadryl at night so they sleep a little better, plus it dries them up a bit. Make sure you are putting saline down their noses ALL DAY! I mean constantly! and use the bulb suction to suction out constantly. Also, make sure they are drinking and eating, but mostly drinking as much as possible to losen mucus. And finally prop them up at nap time and during naps so their little noses drain. I prop my babies on a boppy or put a pillow under their crib mattress to give them a little elevation.
    Good Luck! It's so hard when your babies get sick! Keep them inside as much as possible till April!
    love your blog and you motivate me and have helped me try new recipes! Thanks

  5. Thanks sid!! Poor babies see the blue bulb comin at them and they just start to cry.. poor things.. Ill try benadryl! Thank you!!