Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Of My Favorite Things.


Our weekend went by quick. Saturday, I had the usual routine of teaching pump, completing house chores and playing with the fam. It rained ALL day. I don’t think it stopped until late at night. I can’t say I hated it because I really do LOVE thunderstorms.

Brent took Tanner to the Utah football game while Baylee and I chose to not sit out in the pouring rain for 6 hours and went and saw “Box Trolls” together instead.

Now, here are a few of my favorite things, either about the weekend and throughout my day so far today!

1. Family Hikes

By Sunday afternoon the rain cleared up and we took the kids for a hike and spent some time playing at the park. Going for these hikes on Sundays are one of my favorite things we do together.


{Quick MONDAY recap}

Yesterday, I had a pretty busy day of working and finishing up some last minute details on the nursery..in all honesty.. its pretty simple but I love it. I’ll get a post up soon!

I was able to get the GPP workout in yesterday that consisted of 120 burpees and a lot of Kettle Bell swings as well. Is it crazy for me to say that I really do miss doing real burpees?! Pregnancy burpees are rough!

2. Teaching

This morning, I taught a fun and packed boot camp class! I love teaching this class and really can’t believe I only have maaaybe 3 more to teach till baby comes! {10 more days!!! EEEEK!}

I love teaching and I am grateful to be involved at both of the gyms I work at and of course the people I get to hang with while doing so.

After, I spent 40 minutes on the Arc trainer, alternating through a few hard intervals with quick recoveries. It got my heart rate up and I was a sweaty mess by the end.

I had some errands to run so I snagged a protein shake from the juice bar in the gym to tide me over till lunch.

3. Reading

I used to read ALL the time. I was a major book room.

That all changed after having the twins and now if the book isn’t really good right from the start.. I can’t get into it and it takes me MONTHS, yes, MONTHS to finish it… Lately, I have been picking up a book here or there during some down time but have had a struggle getting into the book..

I snagged a new book while out  today. I know it is a movie right now.. but I heard the book was a page turner so here is hoping!

What is one of your favorite things today?