Friday, September 5, 2014

6 Tips On How To Eat After The Diet


A few weeks ago, we did a GPP 21 day challenge. The challenge was an amazing kick starter for several people. There was SO much success with it.

I think it is common for most people to have success with any kind of diet or challenge. Hopefully, you have learned something from it and if you were truly committed to it, you hopefully saw some changes you want to last.

The big question is.


Do you keep going with your meal plans? Did you just give up and immediately fall off the wagon?

Here are 6 tips that will help you transfer to eating a cleaner LIFESTYLE.

1. Give yourself permission to change.


Look back at where you came from before, how did you change? YOU can continue to change. You are in control of your food changes. You have the knowledge of what is good and what works for you. My boss always says “the fastest way to get someone to lose 10lbs is to get them to lose 5.” You may hit a plateau at some point, but don’t just throw everything you have worked for out the window. You deserve to feel and look your best.

2. Having a treat is not a “cheat.”


The diet is OVER. A healthy living lifestyle isn’t a “NO” to anything sweet or savory meals. Eat a treat now and then for a special occasion. It isn’t an everyday thing.

3. Plan you meals.


It honestly does not take long to jot down a few healthy meals for yourself or your family for the week. It also helps save a few bucks at the grocery store! I do a lot of meal plans for people and each one is specified to that person. But I make sure to make time and do it for myself and my family as well, every Sunday night.

4. Keep your food real!


You probably saw this one coming. Listen up. “Smart ones,” Protein bars, Meal Bars can be packed with sodium and hidden sugars. What you put in your mouth should be unprocessed, nutrient-dense, comes from a plant, tree or animal.  When your grocery shopping hit the produce section first. You know it is better for you than anything packaged. Be smart.

5. Keep Moving.


Your body was built to move! Find something you like to do and commit to it like you would a doctor appointment.  It can be anything. Aim to exercise at least 4-5 times a week.

6. Avoid Hidden Sugars.

In relation with #2 Every now and then it is totally cool to have a treat. This time I want you to have the knowledge of “hidden” sugars. This can mean artificial sweeteners or any sort of fructose. Read your labels! Even some condiments can contain sugar. Removing this ingredient from your meals could be IT for you.