Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrating 6 years

Brent and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary by taking a quick trip to St. George, which is about a 4 hour drive from Salt Lake City.

It may be a short drive but there is a 30 degree difference! It felt great to be in the sun for a few days after being in the bitter cold for the last 3 months!

After dropping the kids off at my parents house we headed out! We actually ended up hitting rush hour traffic which was ridiculous so we decided to stop and eat at Mimi’s Café!


I got the salmon salad which was amazing! The salmon really stood out because it was cooked to perfection!

We made it to St. George pretty late but the next day was worth it! We had a full day planned to hike, golf and go to our favorite restaurant!

Blue skies, sun and sunglasses.

All mandatory on a kid- free weekend.


Neither of us have hiked Dixie rock before and decided that would be our first hike of the day. It was a fairly simple hike but we spent time exploring the area and really had a great time.





Once we finished a few hikes we stopped at Jimmy Johns. I got an “unwich” but regretted that decision 2.2 after getting it.


We found a golf fair and tried out different brands of clubs for a while on a driving range. It has been a few months since we have played or actually even touched our clubs.


I need a little more practice.

After golfing we headed to Snow Canyon national park for a few hikes. We had a blast hanging out in all the rock formations.




St. George is amazing. It is an outdoor enthusiast playground. We loved it.

After hiking most of the day, I was exhausted! We went back to the Condo watched a little bit of the Olympics and got ready for dinner at our favorite ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi restaurant!!

Ichiban has been our go to restaurant in St. George for a few years. I love it. The best thing about all you can eat sushi is you get to see what your sushi looks like and can sample a little of everything and your not stuck to just one or two rolls.


Eat ALL the sushi!

After dinner, we headed to Swig to grab a drink and treat! I have heard that the cookies from Swigs are amazing and a must have.


I must say.. I can’t disagree. Best cookie hands down!

Sunday we spent the morning cleaning, visiting a few family members and a short walk around the St. George temple before heading home.


Absolutely beautiful and a great way to end our weekend. It was great to get back home to our two little munchkins! Now, just to plan a trip to take them to St. George with us….

Have you been to SWIG?

Sushi Fan? Favorite Roll?