Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Family Hunt

This morning I woke up and instantly went to the kitchen and whipped up some pumpkin protein oatmeal.


I had a busy morning of work so I added extra carbs and protein to power me through the morning.

At GPP yesterday we did a workout called “run the rack.” It is a body building type workout where you start with the lowest weight of dumb bells and do “X” amount of reps and go right to the next weight. You continue to go up in weight until you hit failure. It was surprising to me how fast my muscles fatigued. It left me with a bit of DOMS today. Especially my legs from front squats!

I have a new favorite lunch lately..

I have always loved asparagus but it is so pricey to buy in the produce section, as I was browsing the frozen section I found frozen asparagus in a steamable bag!

It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that!

Last night, Brent took us all hunting with him! We went up a canyon that is close to our home with the kids in hope to spot a buck. The first canyon we found a ton of doe and the second place we went to we spotted a buck that Brent ended up going after but it was spooked by some hikers that were coming down a close by trail.

It was fun to get out and hike around for a bit with the family.

Tanner especially looks forward to hunting with dad. He even whispers the whole time cause he doesn’t want to scare the deer.

My camo shirt doesn’t do much for making my belly blend in, does it? Ha!

It was such a fun night together, besides my car sickness.. lingering pregnancy symptom I suppose. I love any excuse to get out and enjoy some time in the mountains!

It is starting to get that crisp fall feeling up there! I am so excited for the cooler weather lately. I am looking forward to cozy sweaters I’ll fit in and of course mid day walks with out sweating my guts out.

Questions of the day?

What is your favorite season?

You’d you rather spend the majority of your time at the beach, mountains or the city?