Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trying To Do Hard Things.

This may be a totally “mom post” but this past week my kiddos have started preschool 3 times a week and a full schedule of dance and gymnastics. They love it. It sure makes a busy week for all of us. There has got to be some kind of secret mom trick I don’t know about.


With everything we have going on right now, I figured there must be some secret trick to keep it all organized. Some super moms have more than 2 kids.. HOW do you keep everything organized?

Our lives were busy before, and now I feel like it jumped up a level. I know people say take a step back and don’t let them do so much, but they both do only one extracurricular activity each so its not really a lot. It is just something we aren’t used too.


I love that Tanner is doing gymnastics on a boys pre-team class. I don’t think there is anything better to teach him discipline, strength, balance and coordination. I took Bee out of gymnastics and put her back into dance. She chose dance and I love that, because I grew up dancing at the same studio. She actually is being taught by the same dance teacher who taught me!

Now, to just write everyone’s schedule by the day, down by the hour and it becomes a little more doable.


And in a week (or less…)we will add a baby. Awesome.

Getting my workouts done early in the morning has helped me keep my sanity and a sense of accomplishment to have something done for myself before the madness of the day begins.

As a mom I think it is important to do something for yourself every day. Mom’s give and give and give most of the day. Getting time to yourself can help from feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed from day to day things.

Last week, I did a stair workout. Climbing up and down 5 times and then added squats, calf raises, bicep curls, overhead press, jump rope etc. In between. I totally made it up as I went along and at the end I felt sweaty and satisfied. 


Enough about dealing with crazy life and onto some highlights of this weekend.

Saturday after teaching pump and getting my oil changed on the car, Brent and I snagged lunch with the kids and headed to the park. It was a great time out in the day to relax under the tree and talk while we watched the kids run around together.

I’m sure your sick of seeing my Plates and Palates lunches. Winking smile 



After the park, the boys went home to watch football and Baylee and I decided to go get a pedicure. I love having some one on one time with my kids and this is one thing that Baylee absolutely ADORES. Whenever it is her turn with me for a “date.” This is exactly what she wants to do.


One of my sister lives right down the street from the nail salon and my other sister was there so we had to swing by to play with my nephews for a minute.

Holding this sweet little boy seriously makes me so excited for my little one to get here. I am getting more and more anxious and nervous about labor this time around. Having a babe in my arms doesn’t even seem like its going to be real for me in just a few weeks. Starting over is scary! I know I have done it all before with TWO babies but I truly think I have totally forgotten in all! Ready or not I guess… right?

After snuggle time, Bee and I headed to watch my little brothers baseball game. They had a park there with a tire swing! Check out the video on my  instagram of her laughing on this thing. We had a lot of fun on it.

We ended up leaving the game early and heading home to the boys for dinner and a movie snuggled on the couch with some ice cream and popcorn. Perfect ending to a fun Saturday.

I want to give a shout out to my awesome friend Kenzie. She completed her first 100 mile race!! ONE HUNDRED MILES you guys…

She tackled and conquered the Wasatch 100 in 31 hours. AMAZING!! This is one of the toughest ultras and she DID IT!

Congrats Kenz! You can do hard things.

What is your secret MOM trick to staying organized?

How do you take time for yourself?

Have you ever thought about or have done a 100 miles race?