Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stairway To Heaven 20 minute Workout


Hey guys! Happy hump day!!

Last night, I wasn’t feeling great. I had a sore throat when I swallowed and achy ears, so I decide to call it an early night and headed to bed to see if a little (a lot) of extra sleep would help.

At 8:30pm..

But hey, it worked and today I felt much better.

Today, I worked most of the morning and did this workout at GPP and then after a quick trip home it was time for the twins preschool.

I had dropped the kids off, took Brent lunch and caught up with my SIL’s (they all work together). Then I had about 35 minutes left before I had to pick up the twins. So I headed to the gym for a quick and sweaty s20 minute stair mill session

The stair mill is one of the most dreaded cardio machines at the gym, but I LOVE it! Nothing else really gets me as sweaty as fast as this gerbil wheel. I always like to have a plan for my cardio, especially if it is inside and on one machine. Having something written up and easy to look at that is constantly changing helps me get through cardio easier. Pregnant or NOT.

I have loved the stair mill for extra cardio while pregnant in this third trimester. Its low impact but makes me sweat bullets. I am starting to slow down a bit lately and have been missing that “sweat dripping off my face” feeling. This workout did the job! 

It was Tanner and Baylees first day of preschool today and afterward we had to get some mandatory ice cream.



Now it is time for gymnastics.

Kids activities may rule my life for the next 18 years..

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What is your favorite piece of cardio equipment at the gym?