Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Protein Powder and Pregnancy

This morning I had an early day in the “office” aka GPP. I toasted two slices of Ezekiel Bread and smothered it with Almond butter and topped with bananas.

Along with that, I got a scoop of ISO 100 in unsweetened vanilla almond milk, with ice to drink after I had the chance to to workout.


The GPP workout was all cardio today. It included running, double unders, row and plate cleans. It took me about a half hour to complete but I did it all! I even got an extra mile in today while my kiddos were at gymnastics today.


About a week ago I figured I had had my last run but since then I have felt better and  even though I can’t quite see my toes anymore I went out to complete the half mile run in the workout and I felt great!

I was really looking forward to the run today because the 800 m turn around we do at GPP is in front of a orchard. When I was about 16 weeks pregnant I snagged an apple that was growing on the tree and came back, and said when these apples are ready for picking my baby will be full term.


Today’s apple.

It made a great post workout snack along with my protein drink.


Protein Powders and Pregnancy

I have recently received an email about drinking protein powders while your pregnant. I am not a doctor but I have done my research on it. I initially found this article and agree with what it says.

Every woman requires protein. Pregnant or not. If you are pregnant you are advised to take in an additional 25 grams of protein a day. I think that is maybe an average. Every women is different and requires what makes them feel best.

A protein supplement is simply that. Protein.

I used protein powder daily before I was pregnant and it became a staple in my diet. I talked to my Doctor about it, and he approved the usage of pure proteins while I’m pregnant. It is a convenient way for me to get protein and or calories while I’m always on the go. I recommend to read labels, and go for a more animal based protein. (Whey Isolate is about as pure as it can get.)

Ingredients you may want to avoid while pregnant.

  • Some Artificial Sweeteners
  • Added Creatine or Glutamine
  • Any sort of stimulant

Lastly, check the labels of your protein powder. If it says “not safe for pregnant women”, then you should take that as pretty straight up obvious no. 

A pure whey isolate or plant based protein powder, I think your safe. The supplements that I have used throughout this pregnancy have been Plant Fusion, Orgain and Isolate-100.

Please be sure to double check with your Doctor if you have any additional questions. This is just my experience with it.

Today I got to hang out and snuggle this cute babe! I love him so much, and so happy for Janetha and Marshall! There is just something special about babies. He was pretty cuddly today and it makes me so excited to snuggle my own babe soon! {Even though I’m just a tad scared to start over… I really have been enjoying my solid 8 hours of sleep for at least the last 4 years.. }


Here is another quick shot of the nursery. It is finally coming together, little by little. I decided to opt out of a changing table and just put the changing pad on top of the dresser, but does anyone have any ideas on how to make it so it doesn’t slip and slide around once baby starts getting super squirmy?


I’m also in the market for some cute prints to put in those frames. I have looked at a bunch and haven’t found 3 that I love all together..

What is your favorite type of protein powder?

I always recommend Iso-100 first. It is easily mixable, high quality, and it taste great.

Moms out there, did you drink protein while pregnant?

When I was pregnant with the twins I could NOT stand the taste of anything with any type of sweetener in it.. I couldn’t even chew gum without gagging. This pregnancy has been much smoother.