Monday, February 17, 2014

Reebok Z-Quick


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

I received these shoes about a week ago and was first impressed by how bright they were! I love bright shoes, I’m convinced the brighter the shoe the faster I will run.


Some of my favorite features:

  • Very lightweight: These shoes only weigh 7.2 ounces and have a low profile I have loved them for all my cross training, powerlifting, sprints and to teach body attack and body pump in. I have even enjoyed running in them! These shoes will make you “unnaturally quick”!


  • Colorful:  I’ve been gravitating toward bright shoes lately and this orange color fits me to a capital T! I absolutely adore them. 
  • Mesh that wraps around the ankle of the shoe: This helps keep your foot in place which I appreciate because some shoes don’t have that kind support. It keeps my foot in place.


And some key features according to Reebok:

  • No-Sew upper with light and flexible NanoWeb PU cast for breathable protection and support
  • Low-cut for mobility with lightweight Bootie fit system for comfort
  • Inspired by hi-performance tires, Z-Rated technology features a unique outsole geometry for control, traction and speed
  • Light, low profile EVA midsole designed with a radical new geometry for outstanding handling
  • Radically sliced geometrical sole mimics the tread of high-performance tires for ultimate ground contact for a more responsive ride
  • A sleek new last allows the foot to move naturally, while keeping foot stable on the platform
  • CRTek high abrasion rubber in key wear areas for lighter durability
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Overall, I have enjoyed the shoes natural motion and flexibility. They have a wider forefoot that fits my foot perfectly and provides added stability during lateral movement. Because they were constructed in comparison to a z rated tire which are made to change direction easily and start and stop quickly.Which have been great to have in Body Attack or Combat.


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Check out the color selection! All are great even, the men’s!

If you are looking out for a great new shoe, that is light weight and can be used through multiple sports these are worth the try!

What color of Reebok Z-quick are your favorite?