Monday, February 3, 2014

Boot Camp Sweat Fest


Oh Mondays..

I have busy Mondays, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Especially after a crazy weekend.

I watched the super bowl yesterday just like the millions and enjoyed time with family and friends.

We had the normal spread, chips, dip, spicy & BBQ wings aka chicken breast chunks, cheesecake, brownies, candy and I contributed by making some chocolate protein balls and pizza.


We celebrated my step-moms birthday. Hence the Cheesecake.

It is her fave. We sang to her right before half time and her hair may or may not of caught on fire while she was blowing out her candles.

Happens to everyone at least once right?

My Mondays start bright and dark, with my 4:15 AM alarm. It is always fun to set that on Sunday night.

Once it goes off and I get to GPP I love it. I don’t get to see the morning peeps as often as I would like, we did this workout today.

Source--->All workout demos located there.

We usually do this one outside and it always kills me! I promise you will have Jell-o arms after that.

I got some breakfast once I got home. Pancakes came together so fast and easy. There is only 4 ingredients. I put the recipe on my Instagram.


Then got the kids off to school, and headed to teach a boot camp class.

They did their workout in 3 different parts today! I got the idea of the layout of this workout from this GPP workout.

Part 1

The Burpee Jump over Box is done just how it sounds. Do one Burpee jump on top of or clear the box and do a burpee on the other side. Fun movement!

Part 2 was turning the above workout into an AMRAP!


They loved it! Afterwards, we had about 5 minutes left in class and I put them through this chaos.

Part 3


Lunch came quick! I mixed some tuna with hummus, artichoke hearts, and olives then topped it on some spinach.


Voila! So good! I also ate some very large strawberries.


What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

What is your goal this week?