Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Over A Group Fitness Fear.

Today I got to sleep in a little since I didn’t have to work early and the twinners slept in! When they finally woke up and dressed for the day we headed down for breakfast.

Egg sandwiches for everyone!


I had one ezekiel muffin but kind of made two egg sandwiches… One sweet, one savory. I topped one with maple syrup ad the other I covered with avocado, runny egg and salt and pepper. The twins had one egg and with some avocado and a little cheese. They loved it too!

After breakfast we headed to the gym. The kids hung out at the daycare today while I taught a boot camp class. I put the class through three 15 minutes AMRAP’s (As many rounds as possible.) They had a lot of running outside (finally the weather is good enough!), mixed with upper body and plyo movements. They all had a great sweat.

After the gym we headed to dance for this little miss.


They are doing their spring recital to “Let it go” from Frozen! It is adorable and since every 3 year old is obsessed with that movie right now the girls are loving it!

My lunch fave lately is a repeat from yesterday..

Curry Chicken, sushi with brown rice (from the grocery store) and broccoli!


A little later the twins and I shared a bag of smart pop kettle corn. We had no problem polishing it off!

We headed out for a quick walk around the neighborhood, it got a little chilly quick! But the sunset was worth it at the end!

After our walk I headed back to the gym to teach Body Pump. It was a pretty tough class as usual, and now I’m more than ready for bed.

Dinner was extremely lazy.

Eggs, Zucchini, onions, yellow pepper, spinach, artichoke hearts and olives all in a pan then covered with siriarcha and Athenos regular hummus.

Getting over a Group Fitness Fear

I totally get it.

Trying a new class at a gym can be a little more than intimidating. There is always the fear that your going to do something wrong, be in somebody’s way, trip and fall, or maybe you just think you will look dumb and people will stare at you.

The thing is. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everybody in that class had the same feelings you did when it was their first time. You might feel out of place at first, but by the time you introduce yourself to someone or go a couple times that feeling will go away. You may also feel like you “stand out” in the crowd but guess what? If your not wearing hot pink see through leggings or something crazy you will blend right in.

Nobody is watching you. Everyone is there for their own workout.

As an instructor and coach I can pick out a new face in the crowd, just because I’m up front every. single. day.

Here are some tips to make it through your first group fitness class.

#1 Just GO! Check out the gyms schedule, ask the frond desk which classes are the most popular and if one or two of them stand out to you. Make the decision to just show up at that time.

#2 Bring a friend: It can be a mom, sister, brother or friend! Having someone you know with you can make that first class adjustment a little easier, especially if it’s the first time for both of you.

#3 Make a friend: If you don’t have the option to bring a friend with you, just introduce yourself to someone that looks genuine. Tell them your name and let them know this is the first time to this class. You can even ask them what equipment is needed or just simple small talk before the class gets started. Soon enough, you will have a few familiar faces.

#4 Introduce yourself to the Instructor: This is the one people hate the most. I know walking all the way to the front of the room and introducing yourself to the person with a mic on sounds a little cray, but I honestly LOVE when people do that! It helps the instructor to know that there actually is somebody new in the class without asking for raised hands, so I know I will need to give a little extra instruction throughout the class to everyone. We will not single you out. (Well, I wouldn’t..)

#5 Ask questions: If you weren’t sure on a movement and just need clarification or if you have an issue with something or need an alternative movement or sub, ASK! Safety is important, so if you have a neck, back, shoulder, etc. issue , or if you can’t do something it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. There is ALWAYS something we can do to help you.

#6 Relax and have FUN! You are there for you! Nobody else. Your gym time is YOUR time. No kids, no boyfriend/husband, pets whatever.. to worry about. Get in there and get the work done. Fill your cup. Be confident in knowing that what your doing is good for YOU!

What is your favorite kind of group fitness class you go too? OR one you would want to try??

Are you Sushi fan?

Any other tips to get over a group fitness fear?