Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart Spiker

This morning started off early at work, each day at work I’m reminded how lucky I am to work at such an amazing place. We have some of the most supportive and inspiring clients. I love what I do.

I was able to tackle the workout today. I made a few modifications because it was a downpour rain outside after the first couple of runs, so I rowed for 4 out of the 6 rounds. It felt great to get at least a few runs outside though. It may have been raining a little bit but at least the air was clear.


I spent a little time on the spin bike after.

This is my easy go to breakfast lately. I have been just throwing a little bit of anything in a pan with some eggs. Kind of resembles a really bad omelet. 


I first cut up peppers,cucumbers and onions and let them cook on a covered skillet till they are soft, then add 1 cup of egg whites, spinach, and baked sweet potato then topped it with some avocado.

I added some steamed broccoli we had left over from yesterday and topped it with sundried tomato hummus and a little bit of  Annie’s light honey mustard dressing.

After breakfast, we spent a little time focusing on numbers. These two love to learn but get sidetracked pretty easy. (Wonder where they get that one from...) But I found these little preschool books and they absolutely LOVE them! Every page they ask me what to do on each one. I love watching their little minds grow.

I taught a fun Valentine boot camp workout! It worked out well and had everyone sweating in the first 10 minutes!


I had the class split into two groups and had one group start with group 1, repeat the same three movements for 10 minutes and the other start with group 2, the same way then switch. They did the same with group 3 and 4. Youtube a movement if your not sure. Winking smile

Annnd for a little randomness..

My favorite snack lately.

Kettle Corn smart pop!

What are your plans for Valentines Day?